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Compare Mother Of Our Redeemer Catholic School with Nearby Elementary Schools

Compare Mother Of Our Redeemer Catholic School with

Nearby Elementary Schools
Elementary Schools in Miami FL
Elementary Schools in Miami-dade county

Elementary Schools near Mother Of Our Redeemer Catholic School

School Name Distance
Type Grades Students Student
Sunrise Christian Academy1.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-4265.1Presbyterian
A Little College Club2.0 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG246.0Nonsectarian
A Little College At Royal Oaks2.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-2498.2Nonsectarian
Our Lady Of The Lakes2.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-846214.4Roman Catholic
Montessori Childrens House Of Miami Lake2.7 MontessoriPre-KG-6786.5Christian (no specific denomination)
Miami Lakes Montessori Christian Center2.7 MontessoriPre-KG-252.5Christian (no specific denomination)
Thumbelina Learning Center #43.2 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-816411.7Nonsectarian
Lincoln-marti3.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-811610.6Nonsectarian
New Life Christian School3.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-4595.7Baptist
Gratigny Day Care Center Corporation4.2 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG71.3Nonsectarian
Royal Kids Academy4.2 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-22713.5Nonsectarian
Our Lady Of Lourdes Pre School4.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-15318.3Nonsectarian
Three Flags Academy4.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-299.0Nonsectarian
Roblanca Academy4.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-87310.4Other
Kids Playhouse Child Care Center4.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-3679.8Nonsectarian
Miami Lakes Montessori Christian Center4.5 MontessoriPre-KG-221.0Christian (no specific denomination)
Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs School4.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-15119.6Roman Catholic
St Monica Catholic School4.9 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-817612.6Roman Catholic
Little Me Preschool5.1 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG150.9Nonsectarian
William A Kirlew Jr Academy5.3 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-816416.4Seventh-Day Adventist
Little Angels Christian School5.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-1145.4Christian (no specific denomination)
Emmanuel Kindergarten & Daycare5.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-610212.9Baptist
North Hialeah Christian School5.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-5268.7Baptist
Chesterbrook Academy5.9 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-81219.0Nonsectarian
Asbury Christian School5.9 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-514915.7Methodist
Tanglewood Academy6.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-1150.6Nonsectarian
Big Star Private School6.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-2453.8Nonsectarian
Montessori Academy6.1 MontessoriPre-KG-51405.9Nonsectarian
St Bartholomew Catholic School6.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-819815.2Roman Catholic
Beacon Hill Preparatory School6.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-516713.6Nonsectarian
Immaculate Conception School6.4 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-874621.3Roman Catholic
Bethel Baptist Christian School6.5 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG1010.0Baptist
Kid's Love Day Care & Preschool6.5 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG1010.0Roman Catholic
Parkway Baptist Church Wee Care6.7 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG205.3Baptist
West Hialeah Baptist Kindergarten6.9 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG20.5Baptist
Apple Tree Montessori School6.9 MontessoriPre-KG-82149.3Nonsectarian
Dr John A Mckinney Christian Academy7.0 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-5518.5Baptist
Cinderella School7.2 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-14010.0Nonsectarian
Flamingo Road Christian Academy7.2 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-51748.2Baptist
Kids Of Promise Preschool7.4 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG66.0Assembly of God
St Mark Catholic School7.4 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-855524.1Roman Catholic
Sunshine Day Care Center7.7 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG99.0Calvinist
Pentab Academy7.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-76711.2Pentecostal
All Angels Academy8.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-8939.4Episcopal
Sierra Norwood Calvary Child Development Center8.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-36112.2Baptist
Divine Savior Academy8.2 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-716012.4Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Temple Beth Emet Day School8.3 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-4626.3Jewish
Bible Baptist Christian Academy8.3 Special program emphasisPre-KG-2196.3Baptist
Delta's Christian School Of Excellence8.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-6434.3Nonsectarian
Lincoln-marti8.4 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-5979.7Nonsectarian
The Masters Academy8.4 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-82748.6Baptist
Lincoln Marti8.4 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-5428.4Nonsectarian
Holy Sacrament Christian Academy8.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-2175.7Christian (no specific denomination)
Ibiley School's Learning Academy8.7 Alternative/otherPre-KG-83110.3Nonsectarian
Calvary Kids8.7 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG1010.0Baptist
St James Catholic School8.7 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-824818.2Roman Catholic
Miami Springs Montessori8.7 MontessoriPre-KG-4217.0Nonsectarian
St Stephen School8.9 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-815010.3Roman Catholic
New Mirawood School8.9 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG157.5Nonsectarian
Kid's College8.9 Alternative/otherPre-KG-110.3Nonsectarian
Montessori International9.0 MontessoriPre-KG-KG304.7Nonsectarian
Faith Lutheran School9.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81069.4Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Pine Island Montessori9.2 MontessoriPre-KG-2202.5Pentecostal
Pembroke Park Montessori School9.2 MontessoriPre-KG-KG11.0Nonsectarian
Petersen Montessori Academy9.2 MontessoriPre-KG-KG42.0Nonsectarian
Rainbow Montessori School9.3 MontessoriPre-KG-KG182.0Nonsectarian
Miami Springs Adventist School9.3 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-86013.6Seventh-Day Adventist
Grace Christian Academy9.4 Early childhood program/child care centerKG-KG77.0Christian (no specific denomination)
St Bernadette Catholic School9.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-826216.4Roman Catholic
Blessed Trinity Elem School9.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-824318.7Roman Catholic
The Joy Of Learning9.7 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG1111.0Nonsectarian
Small World Montessori Method School9.9 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG1010.0Nonsectarian
Holy Cross Lutheran School10.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81999.7Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Toras Emes Academy Of Miami10.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-836212.6Jewish
New Jerusalem Christian Academy10.1 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-616120.1Baptist
Questa Middle School10.1 Montessori6-84813.3Nonsectarian
Summit Questa Montessori School10.1 MontessoriPre-KG-616712.0Nonsectarian
Annunciation School10.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-825020.8Roman Catholic
Nativity Elementary School10.2 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-871725.1Roman Catholic
St David Catholic School10.4 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-853113.1Roman Catholic
Holy Family Catholic School10.4 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-817210.8Roman Catholic
St Rose Of Lima School10.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-852018.2Roman Catholic
Gloria Dei Lutheran Academy10.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-813610.5Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Miami Shores Community Church School10.7 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-56110.2Christian (no specific denomination)
Bethel Christian Learning Center10.8 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-6255.0Baptist
Miami Shores Montessori School10.9 MontessoriPre-KG-KG42.0Nonsectarian
St Mary Cathedral School11.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-827725.2Roman Catholic
Fulford Christian Day Care11.0 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG66.0Methodist
Miami Shores Presbyterian Church School11.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-59214.2Presbyterian
Von-wedel Montessori School11.1 MontessoriPre-KG-3312.8Nonsectarian
St Bonaventure Catholic School11.2 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-853722.8Roman Catholic
Parkway Christian Elementary School11.3 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-825514.1Christian (no specific denomination)
Jacobson Sinai Academy11.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-72462.8Jewish
St Lawrence Elementary School11.3 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-816413.7Roman Catholic
Aventura Learning Center I,ii,iii11.4 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-1144.7Nonsectarian
Weston Christian Academy11.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-817111.3Baptist
Three Village Montessori11.5 MontessoriPre-KG-45811.6Nonsectarian
Clara Mohammed School11.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-7206.7Islamic
Brauser Maimonides Academy11.7 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-82558.2Jewish
Beth Torah Benny Rok Campus11.8 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-61267.0Jewish
St Mark's Lutheran School12.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-8877.2Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Little Village Day Care And Learning Center12.0 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-Trans. KG1212.0Nonsectarian
Cushman School/the12.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-84207.6Nonsectarian
Kiddieland Kinder And Nursery School12.3 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG1212.0Christian (no specific denomination)
The Tauber Academy12.4 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-5585.6Jewish
Temple Kol Ami Emanu-el Day School12.4 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-51416.9Jewish
Emerald Hills School12.5 MontessoriKG-594.5Nonsectarian
Discovery Years12.5 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG22.0Nonsectarian
Morningside Montessori School12.6 MontessoriPre-KG-KG1212.0Nonsectarian
Developmental Preschool Kinder12.6 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG1515.0Nonsectarian
Gulfstream Montessori School12.7 MontessoriPre-KG-4678.4Nonsectarian
Sawgrass Adventist School12.7 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-86312.9Seventh-Day Adventist
Covenant Teaching Fellowship12.8 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-7102.1Christian (no specific denomination)
St Agatha Catholic School12.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-852019.9Roman Catholic
Christian Learning Center13.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-5829.5Baptist
Montessori Childrens Academy13.0 MontessoriPre-KG-4147.0Nonsectarian
Debbie School13.0 Special educationPre-KG-2135.0Nonsectarian
Just Kids Centers13.1 Alternative/otherPre-KG-2161.0Nonsectarian
Childrens Creative Learning Center At Fiu13.1 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG1212.0Nonsectarian
Conchita Espinosa Academy13.2 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-860915.0Nonsectarian
The Biltmore School13.3 Alternative/otherPre-KG-27421.1Nonsectarian
Ebony Village School13.4 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG35.0Nonsectarian
St Francis Xavier Catholic School13.5 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-81178.6Roman Catholic
St Gregory The Great School13.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-878719.2Roman Catholic
Pizarro School For Montessori Learning13.5 MontessoriPre-KG-2302.5Nonsectarian
Sunflowers Academy13.6 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-621016.1Nonsectarian
Peter Pan Childcare And Learning Center13.7 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-5353.9Roman Catholic
St Matthews Lutheran School13.7 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81079.8Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Our Savior Lutheran School13.9 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-812011.4Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
St Philip's Episcopal School13.9 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-613919.9Episcopal
Calvary Baptist Church School13.9 Alternative/otherPre-KG-186.2Baptist
Lincoln-marti14.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-1452.0Nonsectarian
St Brendan Elementary School14.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-857518.0Roman Catholic
St Theresa School14.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-889521.3Roman Catholic
Gladeview Christian School14.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81336.1Baptist
Jose Marti School #214.1 Regular elementary or secondary4-8599.8Nonsectarian
The Growing Place14.1 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG174.2Methodist
Coral Villa Christian Academy14.2 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-1135.2Baptist
St Joseph's School14.2 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81417.1Roman Catholic
Tamiami United Methodist Day Care & Elem School14.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-2609.5Methodist
Lehrman Community Day School14.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81737.4Jewish
High Expectations Education Center Inc14.3 Alternative/otherKG-151.7Christian (no specific denomination)
Jose Marti School 114.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-37110.3Nonsectarian
Yeshiva Elementary School14.4 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-640719.3Jewish
Banyan Day School14.5 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG159.4Nonsectarian
Highpoint Academy14.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-826213.8Roman Catholic
Plantation Methodist Preschool14.7 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG1111.0Methodist
Kid Station Inc14.7 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG22.0Nonsectarian
Mother Of Christ Catholic School14.7 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-617719.7Roman Catholic
Broward Junior Academy14.8 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-810016.7Seventh-Day Adventist
Ss Peter & Paul School14.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-847817.1Roman Catholic
King's Christian School14.9 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-813710.5Christian (no specific denomination)
Faith Lutheran School14.9 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-89318.6Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Granada Day School14.9 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG102.9Presbyterian
St Kevin Catholic School15.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-857410.7Roman Catholic
Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs School15.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-824111.8Roman Catholic
Gordon Schools Of Beth David15.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-5994.7Jewish
Alphabet Soup Learning Center15.3 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-Trans. 177.0Nonsectarian
Coconut Grove Montessori School15.4 MontessoriPre-KG-KG52.5Nonsectarian
The Blake School15.4 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81057.9Nonsectarian
Coconut Grove Montessori School15.4 MontessoriKG-14013.3Nonsectarian
St Jerome Catholic School15.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-823712.2Roman Catholic
St Patrick Elementary School15.6 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-824513.9Roman Catholic
Montessori Academy At St John's15.6 MontessoriPre-KG-3194.8Nonsectarian
La Prima Casa Montessori15.7 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG153.1Nonsectarian
St Timothy Parish School15.7 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-859216.9Roman Catholic
Village Green Christian School15.7 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-8624.8Baptist
St Paul Lutheran School15.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-819613.7Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
All Saints Catholic School15.9 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-827616.3Roman Catholic
Eca15.9 MontessoriPre-KG-4555.9Nonsectarian
St Stephen's Episcopal Day School16.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-62328.5Episcopal
Alexander Montessori School16.1 MontessoriPre-KG-634510.1Nonsectarian
St Hugh Catholic School16.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-827516.3Roman Catholic
Gateway Christian School16.2 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-51239.9Baptist
The French American School Of Miami16.4 Special program emphasisPre-KG-5838.9Nonsectarian
Prophecy Child Care Center And School16.5 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG84.4Church of God
Princeton Preschool And Child Care Center Inc16.5 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG2020.0Christian (no specific denomination)
School Of Excellence16.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-53010.0Pentecostal
Mount Olivet Seventh-day Adventist School16.6 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-85411.0Seventh-Day Adventist
Sunset Montessori School16.6 MontessoriPre-KG-KG71.8Nonsectarian
Sunset Christian Academy16.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-822018.6Assembly of God
Trinity Lutheran School16.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-85210.4Other Lutheran
Salah Tawfik Elementary & Middle School16.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81256.8Islamic
The Children's House Montessori School16.8 MontessoriPre-KG-5229.2Nonsectarian
Tropical Christian School17.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-810511.5Church of Christ
One On One Enrichment Academy17.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-72512.5Pentecostal
Bethany Christian School17.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81439.6Presbyterian
Harvard Academy17.4 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-7275.6Nonsectarian
Mt Bethel Christian Academy17.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-6608.1Baptist
Epiphany School17.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-889019.1Roman Catholic
Good Shepherd Catholic School17.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-822619.5Roman Catholic
Fisher Island Day School17.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-4358.8Nonsectarian
Gulliver Schools S Miami Campus17.6 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-47312.2Nonsectarian
Almarie Christian Academy17.7 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG99.0Church of God in Christ
Temple Beth Am Day School17.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-52076.3Jewish
Happyland Day School17.8 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG116.9Presbyterian
St Thomas Episcopal17.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-53215.4Episcopal
St Anthony School17.9 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-831017.9Roman Catholic
Bet Breira School18.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-5957.8Jewish
Pinewood Acres School18.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-618511.3Nonsectarian
Lajo Mar Preschool18.2 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-22110.5Nonsectarian
Our Lady Of The Rosary School18.2 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG251.5Roman Catholic
Gateway Christian Academy18.2 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-56913.8Christian (no specific denomination)
Wayside Baptist Preschool18.2 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG22.0Baptist
St Malachy School18.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81228.8Roman Catholic
Phyl's Academy Preparatory School18.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-832818.2Nonsectarian
Riverside Baptist Child Development Center18.8 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG1414.0Baptist
Pinecrest Presbyterian Day School18.8 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG1717.0Presbyterian
The Creative Learning Center19.1 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG4010.5Nonsectarian
The Roig Academy19.1 Special program emphasisPre-KG-68814.7Nonsectarian
Kendall Christian School19.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-5835.4Presbyterian
Killian Montessori School19.1 MontessoriPre-KG-KG94.5Nonsectarian
Kids Learning Ctr Kingdom Academy19.2 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-36412.8Christian (no specific denomination)
Woodlands Montessori School19.2 MontessoriPre-KG-KG92.6Nonsectarian
Alazhar School19.2 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-8826.5Islamic
St Clement Elementary School19.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81027.6Roman Catholic
Greenfield Day School19.3 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-81175.6Jewish
Little Flower Montessori School19.4 MontessoriPre-KG-6287.0Nonsectarian
Gulliver Middle School Pinecrest Campus19.6 Regular elementary or secondary5-8907.5Nonsectarian
Bet Shira Early Childhood Center19.6 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG104.8Jewish
Precious Promise Academy Preschool19.6 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG2020.0Assembly of God
St Louis Covenant School19.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-841319.4Roman Catholic
Montessori Children's House19.8 MontessoriPre-KG-KG61.2Nonsectarian
Town Center Pre-school19.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-13210.7Nonsectarian
Redeeming Word Christian Academy19.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-55310.6Christian (no specific denomination)
St John Neumann School19.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-831014.2Roman Catholic
Concordia Lutheran School19.9 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG135.2Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Key Biscayne International Christian School19.9 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-8915.0Christian (no specific denomination)
St Agnes Academy20.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-839213.8Roman Catholic
St Christophers Montessori20.0 MontessoriPre-KG-5766.2Episcopal
Excelsior Artz Preparatory School20.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81068.8Christian (no specific denomination)
The Heritage School20.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81428.2Nonsectarian
Glades Christian Academy20.4 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-6887.0Baptist
La Scuola20.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-4526.7Nonsectarian
St Mark's Episcopal School20.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-849110.6Episcopal
Village Pines School21.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-57811.8Nonsectarian
Glendale Christian Academy21.7 Alternative/otherPre-KG-23612.0Christian (no specific denomination)
Shepherd Of The Coast Lutheran School21.8 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-8499.6Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Christ Church School22.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-518810.1Methodist
Hebrew Academy Community School22.7 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-838513.0Jewish
Temple Beth Am Ecc22.7 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG88.0Jewish
Christ Fellowship Academy22.7 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-62739.6Baptist
St Andrew Catholic School23.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-840315.3Roman Catholic
Abundant Life Christian Academy23.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-829114.7Christian (no specific denomination)
Perrine Sda Elementary School23.2 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-82814.0Seventh-Day Adventist
North Broward School Of Coral Springs (the)23.2 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-51927.9Nonsectarian
Winhold Montessori Schools23.2 MontessoriPre-KG-KG136.5Nonsectarian
New Life Elementary School23.3 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-55025.0Pentecostal
Coral Springs Montessori23.3 MontessoriPre-KG-KG52.4Nonsectarian
Rem Learning Center23.4 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-177.0Nonsectarian

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