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Compare West Valley Elementary with Nearby Elementary Schools

Compare West Valley Elementary with

Nearby Elementary Schools
Elementary Schools in same district (Cupertino Union)
Elementary Schools in Sunnyvale CA

Elementary Schools near West Valley Elementary

School Name Distance
Type Grades Student
Free &
Stevens Creek Elementary0.9 Regular SchoolKG-525.0-2%
Montclaire Elementary1.1 Regular SchoolKG-525.0-
Garden Gate Elementary1.2 Regular SchoolKG-526.2-
Oak Avenue Elementary1.3 Regular SchoolKG-624.31%
Chester W. Nimitz Elementary1.5 Regular SchoolKG-524.9-
Cherry Chase Elementary1.8 Regular SchoolKG-523.9-
Abraham Lincoln Elementary1.8 Regular SchoolKG-526.0-2%
William Faria Elementary1.9 Regular SchoolKG-527.2-2%
Louis E. Stocklmeir Elementary2.0 Regular SchoolKG-525.6-1%
Cumberland Elementary2.0 Regular SchoolKG-523.3-2%
L. P. Collins Elementary2.1 Regular SchoolKG-526.3-2%
Loyola Elementary2.1 Regular SchoolKG-623.30%
Frank L. Huff Elementary2.5 Regular SchoolKG-524.1-3%
C. B. Eaton Elementary2.7 Regular SchoolKG-525.2-
William Regnart Elementary2.7 Regular SchoolKG-523.9-3%
Springer Elementary2.8 Regular SchoolKG-623.41%
Benjamin Bubb Elementary2.8 Regular SchoolKG-524.7-
Ellis Elementary2.9 Regular SchoolKG-523.3-2%
Vargas Elementary2.9 Regular SchoolKG-521.9-
Braly Elementary2.9 Regular SchoolKG-523.3-4%
R. I. Meyerholz Elementary3.2 Regular SchoolKG-524.1-2%
Covington Elementary3.3 Regular SchoolKG-622.73%
Laurelwood Elementary3.3 Regular SchoolKG-526.9-2%
Edith Landels Elementary3.3 Regular SchoolKG-522.4-
Ponderosa Elementary3.3 Regular SchoolKG-524.8-3%
D. J. Sedgwick Elementary3.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-525.8-
Almond Elementary3.6 Regular SchoolKG-622.811%
John Muir Elementary3.7 Regular SchoolKG-522.6-3%
Bishop Elementary3.8 Regular SchoolKG-522.2-2%
Nelson S. Dilworth Elementary3.9 Regular SchoolKG-523.7-3%
Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary4.1 Regular SchoolKG-523.7-2%
Mariano Castro Elementary4.1 Regular SchoolKG-522.7-
Blue Hills Elementary4.1 Regular SchoolKG-522.5-
Pomeroy Elementary4.2 Regular SchoolKG-527.6-
Sutter Elementary4.2 Regular SchoolKG-523.5-
Briarwood Elementary4.3 Regular SchoolKG-523.1-4%
Murdock-portal Elementary4.3 Regular SchoolKG-525.3-3%
Christa Mcauliffe Elementary4.4 Regular SchoolKG-826.1-3%
Manuel De Vargas Elementary4.5 Regular SchoolKG-522.2-4%
Mvwsd Home & Hospital4.5 Regular SchoolKG-8--
San Miguel Elementary4.5 Regular SchoolKG-523.5-
Stevenson Elementary4.6 Regular SchoolKG-523.8-
Theuerkauf Elementary4.6 Regular SchoolKG-523.199%
Gardner Bullis Elementary4.7 Regular SchoolKG-622.4-
Millikin Elementary4.8 Regular SchoolKG-530.3-
Bullis Charter4.8 Regular SchoolKG-813.4-
Easterbrook Discovery4.9 Regular SchoolKG-820.6-
Argonaut Elementary4.9 Regular SchoolKG-522.20%
Bowers Elementary4.9 Regular SchoolKG-524.4-
Santa Rita Elementary4.9 Regular SchoolKG-621.89%
Country Lane Elementary4.9 Regular SchoolKG-521.8-
Independent Study Program5.1 Regular SchoolKG-810.0-
Monta Loma Elementary5.1 Regular SchoolKG-522.4-
Lakewood Elementary5.1 Regular SchoolKG-521.7-3%
Bracher Elementary5.2 Regular SchoolKG-524.2-
C. W. Haman Elementary5.4 Regular SchoolKG-523.5-4%
Foothill Elementary5.4 Regular SchoolKG-517.72%
Fairwood Elementary5.5 Regular SchoolKG-520.8-5%
Discovery Charter5.6 Regular SchoolKG-821.64%
Leroy Anderson Elementary5.6 Regular SchoolKG-522.8-3%
Westwood Elementary5.6 Regular SchoolKG-527.2-3%
Greendell5.7 Regular SchoolKG-520.795%
Gussie M. Baker Elementary5.8 Regular SchoolKG-523.3-2%
Juana Briones Elementary5.9 Regular SchoolKG-519.5-
Scott Lane Elementary5.9 Regular SchoolKG-526.8-3%
Lynhaven Elementary5.9 Regular SchoolKG-522.4-
George C. Payne Elementary6.1 Regular SchoolKG-522.2-
Herbert Hoover Elementary6.1 Regular SchoolKG-521.4-4%
Saratoga Elementary6.1 Regular SchoolKG-522.51%
Forest Hill Elementary6.4 Regular SchoolKG-521.5-3%
Fairmeadow Elementary6.4 Regular SchoolKG-520.3-3%
Barron Park Elementary6.4 Regular SchoolKG-517.5-5%
Marshall Lane Elementary6.5 Regular SchoolKG-523.7-3%
Rosemary Elementary6.6 Regular SchoolKG-423.2-3%
Washington Elementary6.7 Regular SchoolKG-528.60%
Palo Verde Elementary6.8 Regular SchoolKG-520.6-4%
El Carmelo Elementary6.9 Regular SchoolKG-521.2-
Castlemont Elementary7.0 Regular SchoolKG-522.3-
Kathryn Hughes Elementary7.1 Regular SchoolKG-526.2-
Lucille M. Nixon Elementary7.2 Regular SchoolKG-519.4-3%
Montague Elementary7.2 Regular SchoolKG-519.6-
Don Callejon7.5 Regular SchoolKG-826.4-
Capri Elementary7.5 Regular SchoolKG-524.0-
Merritt Trace Elementary7.5 Regular SchoolKG-524.7-
Escondido Elementary7.6 Regular SchoolKG-519.8-
Village7.6 Regular SchoolKG-524.0-
Ohlone Elementary7.6 Regular SchoolKG-520.2-
Luther Burbank Elementary7.6 Regular SchoolKG-823.2-
George Mayne Elementary7.8 Regular SchoolKG-525.4-3%
Sherman Oaks Elementary7.9 Regular SchoolKG-621.5-
Blackford Elementary8.3 Regular SchoolKG-523.1-2%
Daves Avenue Elementary8.3 Regular SchoolKG-522.8-3%
Walter Hays Elementary8.3 Regular SchoolKG-518.9-3%
Walter L. Bachrodt Elementary8.4 Regular SchoolKG-518.1-
Duveneck Elementary8.5 Regular SchoolKG-520.0-3%
Farnham Charter8.6 Regular SchoolKG-522.1-
Addison Elementary8.7 Regular SchoolKG-521.4-
Bagby Elementary8.9 Regular SchoolKG-522.8-
Fammatre Elementary9.0 Regular SchoolKG-523.3-
Ormondale Elementary9.0 Regular SchoolKG-314.97%
Carlton Elementary9.1 Regular SchoolKG-525.6-
River Glen9.1 Regular SchoolKG-823.9-
Edison-brentwood Elementary9.3 Regular SchoolKG-518.1-
Gardner Elementary9.3 Regular SchoolKG-526.1-3%
Louise Van Meter Elementary9.3 Regular SchoolKG-525.1-2%
Orchard Elementary9.4 Regular SchoolKG-827.7-
Booksin Elementary9.4 Regular SchoolKG-526.9-2%
Blossom Hill Elementary9.4 Regular SchoolKG-523.9-2%
Oak Knoll Elementary9.4 Regular SchoolKG-517.9-2%
Willow Glen Elementary9.5 Regular SchoolKG-525.9-
Aspire East Palo Alto Charter9.5 Regular SchoolKG-822.6-
Grant Elementary9.6 Regular SchoolKG-524.2-
Alta Vista Elementary9.7 Regular SchoolKG-525.1-
Rocketship Mateo Sheedy Elementary9.8 Regular SchoolKG-532.1-
Horace Mann Elementary9.8 Regular SchoolKG-524.4-2%
Pearl Zanker Elementary9.8 Regular SchoolKG-628.3-
Oster Elementary9.8 Regular SchoolKG-521.8-
Willow Oaks Elementary9.8 Regular SchoolKG-821.5-
Washington Elementary10.0 Regular SchoolKG-518.7-3%
Sartorette Charter10.0 Regular SchoolKG-522.5-3%
Ernesto Galarza Elementary10.1 Regular SchoolKG-524.699%
Hammer Montessori At Galarza Elementary10.1 Regular SchoolKG-526.5-
Green Oaks Academy10.2 Regular SchoolKG-519.899%
Lowell Elementary10.2 Regular SchoolKG-522.1-4%
Anthony Spangler Elementary10.3 Regular SchoolKG-626.5-3%
Costano Elementary10.3 Regular SchoolKG-817.599%
Empire Gardens Elementary10.3 Regular SchoolKG-525.8-4%
Lakeside Elementary10.5 Regular SchoolKG-517.6-20%
Schallenberger Elementary10.5 Regular SchoolKG-526.6-
Laurel Elementary10.6 Regular SchoolKG-318.3-3%
Las Lomitas Elementary10.6 Regular SchoolKG-320.5-2%
Rocketship Discovery Prep10.6 Regular SchoolKG-635.7-
Reed Elementary10.7 Regular SchoolKG-523.2-
Curtner Elementary10.7 Regular SchoolKG-627.1-
Vinci Park Elementary10.8 Regular SchoolKG-524.6-2%
Brooktree Elementary10.8 Regular SchoolKG-522.9-3%
Selma Olinder Elementary10.8 Regular SchoolKG-516.4-3%
Noddin Elementary10.8 Regular SchoolKG-524.8-2%
Belle Haven Elementary10.9 Regular SchoolKG-820.4-
Encinal Elementary10.9 Regular SchoolKG-518.2-2%
Canoas Elementary10.9 Regular SchoolKG-520.7-3%
Anne Darling Elementary11.0 Regular SchoolKG-518.2-
Northwood Elementary11.0 Regular SchoolKG-523.4-
Mckinley Elementary11.0 Regular SchoolKG-624.8-3%
Hacienda Science/environmental Magnet11.1 Regular SchoolKG-525.2-
Lietz Elementary11.1 Regular SchoolKG-520.2-
Rocketship Mosaic Elementary11.4 Regular SchoolKG-535.3-
Cherrywood Elementary11.5 Regular SchoolKG-524.4-3%
Almaden Elementary11.6 Regular SchoolKG-522.2-4%
San Antonio Elementary11.6 Regular SchoolKG-521.399%
Rocketship Los Suenos Academy11.6 Regular SchoolKG-533.8-
Learning In An Urban Community With High Achieveme11.6 Other/Alternative SchoolKG-517.8-
Laneview Elementary11.6 Regular SchoolKG-522.2-
Robert F. Kennedy Elementary11.7 Regular SchoolKG-626.0-2%
Robert Randall Elementary11.7 Regular SchoolKG-624.5-3%
Terrell Elementary11.7 Regular SchoolKG-522.6-
Marshall Pomeroy Elementary11.7 Regular SchoolKG-627.7-
Garfield Elementary11.8 Regular SchoolKG-824.1-2%
Lexington Elementary11.8 Regular SchoolKG-521.0-10%
Joseph Weller Elementary11.8 Regular SchoolKG-624.5-
Santee Elementary11.9 Regular SchoolKG-625.7-3%
Success & College Connection Academy11.9 Regular SchoolKG-825.2-
Franklin Elementary11.9 Regular SchoolKG-626.8-2%
Shirakawa (george, Sr.) Elementary11.9 Regular SchoolKG-825.9-2%
Selby Lane Elementary11.9 Regular SchoolKG-823.399%
John Sinnott Elementary11.9 Regular SchoolKG-627.5-2%
Guadalupe Elementary12.0 Regular SchoolKG-524.2-
La Honda Elementary12.0 Regular SchoolKG-620.0-18%
Ruskin Elementary12.0 Regular SchoolKG-525.0-
Cesar Chavez Elementary12.0 Regular SchoolKG-517.5-
Alexander Rose Elementary12.0 Regular SchoolKG-627.7-
Taft Elementary12.1 Regular SchoolKG-519.3-3%
Summerdale Elementary12.1 Regular SchoolKG-524.0-3%
William Burnett Elementary12.2 Regular SchoolKG-626.5-2%
Majestic Way Elementary12.2 Regular SchoolKG-524.5-3%
Clyde Arbuckle Elementary12.2 Regular SchoolKG-517.8-
Rocketship Si Se Puede Academy12.3 Regular SchoolKG-534.9-
O. S. Hubbard Elementary12.3 Regular SchoolKG-520.499%
Cornerstone Academy Preparatory12.3 Regular SchoolKG-626.198%
Jeanne R. Meadows Elementary12.3 Regular SchoolKG-825.7-
Ben Painter Elementary12.3 Regular SchoolKG-520.0-
Woodside Elementary12.4 Regular SchoolKG-812.4-
Henry Ford Elementary12.4 Regular SchoolKG-522.1-
A. J. Dorsa Elementary12.4 Regular SchoolKG-519.499%
Fair Oaks Elementary12.4 Regular SchoolKG-519.4-4%
Warm Springs Elementary12.4 Regular School3-625.0-1%
Berryessa Union Elementary12.4 Other/Alternative SchoolKG-812.050%
Rachel Carson Elementary12.4 Regular SchoolKG-523.4-
Harry Slonaker Academy12.5 Regular SchoolKG-517.5-
James Mcentee Academy12.5 Other/Alternative School3-523.3-5%
Anthony P. Russo Academy12.6 Other/Alternative SchoolKG-219.799%
Stonegate Elementary12.6 Regular SchoolKG-623.5-2%
Adelante Spanish Immersion12.7 Regular SchoolKG-626.8-
Mildred Goss Elementary12.7 Regular SchoolKG-519.199%
Los Alamitos Elementary12.7 Regular SchoolKG-527.4-
Toyon Elementary12.7 Regular SchoolKG-520.8-
James Leitch Elementary12.7 Regular SchoolKG-225.0-2%
Captain Jason M. Dahl Elementary12.8 Regular SchoolKG-626.5-
Sylvia Cassell Elementary12.8 Regular SchoolKG-519.1-
Noble Elementary12.8 Regular SchoolKG-524.1-
Hoover Elementary12.9 Regular SchoolKG-822.5-1%
Parkview Elementary12.9 Regular SchoolKG-625.8-
Millard Mccollam Elementary12.9 Regular SchoolKG-518.4-4%
August Schilling Elementary13.0 Regular SchoolKG-623.4-
Donald J. Meyer Elementary13.0 Regular SchoolKG-518.8-
Hawes Elementary13.0 Regular SchoolKG-526.5-4%
Allen At Steinbeck13.1 Regular SchoolKG-821.7-2%
Lyndale Elementary13.1 Regular SchoolKG-518.1-3%
Thomas P. Ryan Elementary13.2 Regular SchoolKG-519.799%
O. B. Whaley Elementary13.2 Regular SchoolKG-621.974%
Roosevelt Elementary13.2 Regular SchoolKG-624.3-3%
Steven Millard Elementary13.2 Regular SchoolKG-622.6-
Katherine R. Smith Elementary13.2 Regular SchoolKG-623.080%
Los Arboles Elementary13.2 Regular SchoolKG-624.1-3%
James L. Bunker Elementary13.3 Regular SchoolKG-625.9-
Linda Vista Elementary13.4 Regular SchoolKG-519.5-
Windmill Springs Elementary13.4 Regular SchoolKG-825.8-
Daniel Lairon Elementary13.4 Regular SchoolKG-626.3-2%
Roy Cloud Elementary13.4 Regular SchoolKG-824.6-
John Gill Elementary13.5 Regular SchoolKG-524.5-
Simonds Elementary13.5 Regular SchoolKG-528.5-
Lincoln Elementary13.5 Regular SchoolKG-624.9-
Harvey Green Elementary13.5 Regular SchoolKG-621.7-4%
North Star Academy13.6 Regular School3-826.6-
Louis Milani Elementary13.6 Regular SchoolKG-622.8-
Fred E. Weibel Elementary13.6 Regular SchoolKG-625.1-
Joseph Azevada Elementary13.7 Regular SchoolKG-622.7-3%
Adelante Dual Language Academy13.7 Other/Alternative SchoolKG-820.899%
William R. Rogers Elementary13.7 Regular SchoolKG-520.8-6%
Horace Cureton Elementary13.7 Regular SchoolKG-519.6-
Del Roble Elementary13.7 Regular SchoolKG-627.2-
James A. Graham Elementary13.8 Regular SchoolKG-623.6-
John Blacow Elementary13.8 Regular SchoolKG-619.0-3%
E. M. Grimmer Elementary13.8 Regular SchoolKG-621.2-4%
G. W. Hellyer Elementary13.8 Regular SchoolKG-626.7-3%
Mt. Pleasant Elementary13.9 Regular SchoolKG-528.7-
Voices College-bound Language Academy13.9 Regular SchoolKG-826.3-5%
H. A. Snow Elementary13.9 Regular SchoolKG-622.0-
John G. Mattos Elementary14.0 Regular SchoolKG-622.9-3%
Orion Alternative14.0 Other/Alternative SchoolKG-529.0-7%
O. N. Hirsch Elementary14.0 Regular SchoolKG-624.5-3%
Hayes Elementary14.0 Regular SchoolKG-624.3-
Frost (earl) Elementary14.1 Regular SchoolKG-825.3-2%
Christopher Elementary14.1 Regular SchoolKG-725.6-3%
E. L. Musick Elementary14.1 Regular SchoolKG-622.399%
Ramblewood Elementary14.1 Regular SchoolKG-626.3-4%
Dove Hill Elementary14.2 Regular SchoolKG-624.066%
Robert Sanders Elementary14.4 Regular SchoolKG-524.9-
Brier Elementary14.4 Regular SchoolKG-616.3-2%
Glenmoor Elementary14.4 Regular SchoolKG-624.1-2%

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