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Compare Albert Einstein Middle with Nearby Middle Schools

Compare Albert Einstein Middle with

Nearby Middle Schools
Middle Schools in same district (Sacramento City Unified)
Middle Schools in Sacramento CA

Middle Schools near Albert Einstein Middle

School Name Distance
Type Grades Student
Free &
Arden Middle3.5 Regular School6-825.4-
Mills Middle4.2 Regular School6-821.6-
Will C. Wood Middle4.8 Regular School7-832.8-2%
Kit Carson Middle4.9 Regular School7-830.3-
Winston Churchill Middle5.4 Regular School6-825.1-
James Rutter Middle5.4 Regular School7-820.7-2%
W. E. Mitchell Middle5.9 Regular School6-824.5-
Arcade Fundamental Middle6.0 Regular School6-8-0.6200%
T. R. Smedberg Middle6.2 Regular School7-822.6-
Sutter Middle6.3 Regular School7-844.0-
Fern Bacon Middle6.7 Regular School7-837.3-
John Barrett Middle6.8 Regular School6-824.4-2%
Edward Harris, Jr. Middle7.3 Regular School7-822.2-1%
Samuel Jackman Middle7.4 Regular School7-822.7-1%
Martin Luther King Jr. Technology Academy7.4 Regular School7-822.6-
Will Rogers Middle7.6 Regular School6-822.6-
Cesar Chavez Intermediate7.8 Regular School4-626.9-5%
California Middle7.9 Regular School7-825.6-2%
Nova Opportunity8.3 Regular School7-94.075%
Rosa Parks Middle8.4 Regular School7-830.6-3%
Katherine L. Albiani Middle8.6 Regular School7-823.8-1%
Foothill Ranch Middle8.7 Regular School5-819.7-
Rio Tierra Junior High8.7 Regular School6-820.7-
Sam Brannan Middle9.1 Regular School7-830.6-
Norwood Junior High9.1 Regular School6-825.1-
Harriet G. Eddy Middle9.6 Regular School7-822.1-
Joseph Kerr Middle9.7 Regular School7-821.6-
Rio Linda Preparatory Academy10.3 Regular School5-822.8-
Leroy F. Greene Middle10.5 Regular School6-8--
Sylvan Middle10.6 Regular School6-823.3-
Andrew Carnegie Middle10.7 Regular School6-825.6-
Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle10.9 Regular School7-823.1-
Westside Preparatory Charter11.2 Regular School7-827.0-
Antelope Crossing Middle11.7 Regular School6-824.4-
Toby Johnson Middle11.8 Regular School7-826.6-
Louis Pasteur Fundamental Middle12.2 Regular School6-826.0-
Wilson C. Riles Middle12.4 Regular School7-823.6-
Natomas Middle12.7 Regular School7-821.3-1%
Alpha Technology Middle12.8 Regular School6-819.575%
Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep Middle12.9 Regular School6-819.4-
Sutter Middle13.0 Regular School6-826.9-
Westlake Charter Middle13.1 Regular School6-818.794%
Creekview Ranch Middle13.2 Regular School6-822.2-2%
Clarksburg Middle13.3 Regular School7-919.2-
Warren T. Eich Intermediate13.9 Regular School7-822.9-3%
Folsom Middle14.0 Regular School6-826.7-
Silverado Middle14.5 Regular School6-825.5-
Excelsior Elementary14.5 Regular School4-622.314%
Ridgeview Elementary14.9 Regular School4-622.95%
Olympus Junior High15.2 Regular School7-825.49%
George A. Buljan Middle16.0 Regular School6-824.9-1%
Willma Cavitt Junior High16.4 Regular School7-821.96%
Robert C. Cooley Middle16.9 Regular School6-824.1-
Rolling Hills Middle17.8 Regular School6-823.8-
Spring View Middle18.0 Regular School7-821.7-2%
Marina Village Middle18.6 Regular School6-822.9-2%
Mccaffrey Middle18.7 Regular School7-821.5-
Frances Ellen Watkins Harper Junior High19.0 Regular School7-920.8-
Granite Oaks Middle19.5 Regular School7-821.1-2%
Miller's Hill20.1 Regular School4-818.6-19%
Camerado Springs Middle20.2 Regular School6-821.6-
Pleasant Grove Middle20.5 Regular School6-821.8-
Twelve Bridges Middle20.6 Regular School6-821.9-
Oliver Wendell Holmes Junior High20.9 Regular School7-920.0-
Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High23.1 Regular School7-918.4-
Glen Edwards Middle23.6 Regular School6-823.6-
Douglass Middle24.3 Regular School7-822.2-
Lee Middle25.0 Regular School7-819.2-

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