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Compare Peter Burnett Middle with Nearby Middle Schools

Compare Peter Burnett Middle with

Nearby Middle Schools
Middle Schools in same district (San Jose Unified)
Middle Schools in San Jose CA

Middle Schools near Peter Burnett Middle

School Name Distance
Type Grades Student
Free &
Peter Burnett Middle0.0 Regular School6-818.9-2%
Sunrise Middle1.6 Regular School6-819.396%
San Jose Community Middle1.6 Other/Alternative School6-86.6-85%
Herbert Hoover Middle2.0 Regular School6-820.6-1%
Buchser Middle2.4 Regular School6-821.3-
Ace Charter3.1 Regular School5-827.692%
Lee Mathson Middle3.3 Regular School6-822.1-
Kipp Heartwood Academy3.5 Regular School5-830.8-4%
William Sheppard Middle3.5 Regular School6-823.8-
Bridges Academy3.6 Regular School7-822.3-2%
Monroe Middle4.0 Regular School5-823.0-
Juan Cabrillo Middle4.0 Regular School6-820.3-2%
Community Day4.0 Other/Alternative School6-82.0-900%
Clyde L. Fischer Middle4.0 Regular School6-819.5-
Renaissance Academy4.1 Other/Alternative School6-825.0-6%
Piedmont Middle4.1 Regular School6-825.2-
Sierramont Middle4.3 Regular School6-826.8-
Morrill Middle4.3 Regular School6-822.9-2%
Willow Glen Middle4.4 Regular School6-820.9-
Joseph George Middle4.8 Regular School6-817.7-
Ocala Middle4.8 Regular School6-819.499%
Rancho Milpitas Middle5.1 Regular School7-823.0-
George V. Leyva Intermediate5.5 Regular School7-825.358%
August Boeger Middle5.5 Regular School6-821.2-2%
Price Charter Middle5.7 Regular School6-824.6-1%
Campbell Middle5.7 Regular School5-822.7-
Marian A. Peterson Middle5.9 Regular School6-822.9-
Sylvandale Middle6.1 Regular School7-825.4-2%
Moreland Middle6.4 Regular School6-824.3-
John Muir Middle6.5 Regular School6-822.70%
Quimby Oak Middle6.6 Regular School7-826.230%
Warren E. Hyde Middle6.7 Regular School6-822.3-1%
Thomas Russell Middle7.0 Regular School7-823.8-
Joaquin Miller Middle7.0 Regular School6-823.8-1%
Columbia Middle7.1 Regular School6-823.2-2%
Sam H. Lawson Middle7.2 Regular School6-822.8-
Davis (caroline) Intermediate7.6 Regular School7-821.6-
The Academy7.7 Other/Alternative School5-88.5-105%
Rolling Hills Middle7.7 Regular School5-821.9-
Dartmouth Middle7.9 Regular School6-823.0-
Union Middle7.9 Regular School6-824.1-2%
Chaboya Middle8.2 Regular School7-827.112%
Sunnyvale Middle8.4 Regular School6-823.1-1%
Herman (leonard) Intermediate8.6 Regular School5-822.1-
Redwood Middle8.6 Regular School6-820.21%
John F. Kennedy Middle8.7 Regular School6-823.4-
Cupertino Middle8.8 Regular School6-822.9-1%
Raymond J. Fisher Middle9.1 Regular School6-821.1-1%
Castillero Middle9.3 Regular School6-821.1-
Georgina P. Blach Junior High10.0 Regular School7-822.81%
Bret Harte Middle10.2 Regular School6-822.6-1%
Isaac Newton Graham Middle10.4 Regular School6-822.0-
Bernal Intermediate10.7 Regular School7-821.3-
Crittenden Middle10.9 Regular School6-820.4-2%
Martin Murphy Middle11.4 Regular School7-826.5-
Ardis G. Egan Junior High12.2 Regular School7-823.03%
John M. Horner Junior High12.7 Regular School7-823.0-
Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle12.8 Regular School6-815.8-
Terman Middle12.9 Regular School6-815.4-
William Hopkins Junior High13.5 Regular School7-825.1-
G. M. Walters Junior High13.5 Regular School7-821.3-
David Starr Jordan Middle14.1 Regular School6-816.3-1%
Ronald Mcnair Academy14.7 Regular School6-822.499%
Centerville Junior High15.1 Regular School7-822.4-
Newark Junior High15.1 Regular School7-828.7-
Thornton Junior High15.5 Regular School7-826.1-
Cesar Chavez Elementary15.8 Regular School6-826.1-6%
C. T. English Middle15.9 Regular School6-814.3-15%
Corte Madera17.2 Regular School4-812.66%
Hillview Middle17.3 Regular School6-816.7-2%
La Entrada Middle17.4 Regular School4-817.2-2%
Cesar Chavez Middle18.3 Regular School6-825.3-
Alvarado Middle19.0 Regular School6-826.8-
John F. Kennedy Middle20.0 Regular School6-821.4-2%
Mckinley Institute Of Technology20.4 Regular School6-821.5-4%
Lewis H. Britton Middle20.4 Regular School7-825.0-
Pleasanton Middle20.8 Regular School6-823.9-1%
Cesar Chavez Middle21.5 Regular School7-821.0-
Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle22.1 Regular School7-822.5-
William Mendenhall Middle22.2 Regular School6-826.6-1%
Central Middle22.3 Regular School5-820.4-2%
San Lorenzo Valley Middle22.3 Regular School6-821.6-3%
Harvest Park Middle22.3 Regular School6-823.8-1%
Scotts Valley Middle22.4 Regular School6-821.1-2%
Thomas S. Hart Middle23.0 Regular School6-825.0-1%
Anthony W. Ochoa Middle23.0 Regular School7-821.5-
Winton Middle23.6 Regular School7-821.8-
Tierra Linda Middle23.7 Regular School5-823.7-3%
Bowditch Middle23.8 Regular School6-823.7-
Bret Harte Middle23.9 Regular School7-826.4-
East Avenue Middle23.9 Regular School6-824.3-
Wells Middle24.8 Regular School6-822.0-

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