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Compare Carriage Drive Elementary with Nearby Elementary Schools

Compare Carriage Drive Elementary with

Nearby Elementary Schools
Elementary Schools in same district (San Juan Unified)
Elementary Schools in Citrus Heights CA

Elementary Schools near Carriage Drive Elementary

School Name Distance
Type Grades Student
Free &
Carriage Drive Elementary0.0 Regular SchoolKG-627.7-
Citrus Heights Elementary0.6 Regular SchoolKG-525.0-5%
Grand Oaks Elementary0.7 Regular SchoolKG-524.3-
Mariposa Avenue Elementary1.0 Regular SchoolKG-523.7-
Lichen K-81.2 Regular SchoolKG-825.8-
Arlington Heights Elementary1.5 Regular SchoolKG-529.8-5%
Woodside K-82.2 Regular SchoolKG-833.0-
Foothill Oaks Elementary2.3 Regular SchoolKG-624.6-
Skycrest Elementary2.4 Regular SchoolKG-520.3-
Kingswood Elementary2.5 Regular SchoolKG-824.6-
George Cirby Elementary2.5 Regular SchoolKG-521.6-4%
Cambridge Heights Elementary2.5 Regular SchoolKG-524.3-
Olive Grove Elementary2.6 Regular SchoolKG-520.9-
Crestmont Elementary2.6 Regular SchoolKG-625.1-
Trajan Elementary2.7 Regular SchoolKG-522.8-
Coyle Avenue Elementary2.7 Regular SchoolKG-521.0-
Dry Creek Elementary2.8 Regular SchoolKG-523.4-
Frontier Elementary2.9 Regular SchoolKG-627.7-
Sierra Gardens Elementary2.9 Regular SchoolKG-626.1-
Barrett Ranch Elementary3.0 Regular SchoolKG-521.4-
Charles Peck Elementary3.2 Regular SchoolKG-524.6-
Ridgepoint Elementary3.2 Regular SchoolKG-828.0-
Pioneer Elementary3.3 Regular SchoolKG-826.5-
Harry Dewey Fundamental Elementary3.4 Regular SchoolKG-623.5-
William Kaseberg Elementary3.5 Regular SchoolKG-522.7-
Oakview Community Elementary3.5 Regular SchoolKG-522.9-
Maidu Elementary3.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-320.115%
Hillsdale Elementary3.5 Regular SchoolKG-626.1-4%
Northridge Elementary3.6 Regular SchoolKG-622.3-
George Sargeant Elementary3.6 Regular SchoolKG-623.9-4%
Antelope Meadows Elementary3.7 Regular SchoolKG-523.2-
Thomas Kelly Elementary3.7 Regular SchoolKG-526.2-5%
Woodridge Elementary3.7 Regular SchoolKG-624.3-3%
Bradford Woodbridge Fundamental Elementary3.7 Regular SchoolKG-319.1-
Warren A. Allison Elementary3.9 Regular SchoolKG-624.2-3%
Ferris Spanger Elementary3.9 Regular SchoolKG-522.0-
Heritage Oak Elementary3.9 Regular SchoolKG-522.3-
Albert Schweitzer Elementary4.0 Regular SchoolKG-524.1-4%
Orangevale Open K-84.0 Regular SchoolKG-826.1-2%
Village Elementary4.1 Regular SchoolKG-828.5-
Kohler Elementary4.2 Regular SchoolKG-825.8-3%
North Country Elementary4.2 Regular SchoolKG-629.8-
Green Oaks Fundamental Elementary4.3 Regular SchoolKG-630.7-
Oak Hill Elementary4.4 Regular SchoolKG-631.3-
Earl Legette Elementary4.5 Regular SchoolKG-627.4-3%
Cameron Ranch Elementary4.6 Regular SchoolKG-521.4-4%
Sierra View Elementary4.6 Regular SchoolKG-628.0-
Arthur S. Dudley Elementary4.7 Regular SchoolKG-628.0-2%
Pershing Elementary4.7 Regular SchoolKG-627.0-
Madison Elementary4.9 Regular SchoolKG-625.8-
Carmichael Elementary4.9 Regular SchoolKG-523.0-4%
Cyril Spinelli Elementary5.0 Regular SchoolKG-621.8-4%
Coyote Ridge Elementary5.0 Regular SchoolKG-523.6-1%
Frederick Joyce Elementary5.0 Regular SchoolKG-826.3-
Catheryn Gates Elementary5.1 Regular SchoolKG-523.0-3%
Oakhills Elementary5.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-319.74%
Stoneridge Elementary5.2 Regular SchoolKG-624.7-3%
California Montessori Project - Capitol Campus5.2 Regular SchoolKG-818.119%
California Montessori Project-san Juan Campus5.2 Regular SchoolKG-820.023%
Ottomon Way Elementary5.3 Regular SchoolKG-523.2-5%
Vencil Brown Elementary5.4 Regular SchoolKG-524.3-
Quail Glen Elementary5.4 Regular SchoolKG-523.5-
Antelope Creek Elementary5.4 Regular SchoolKG-624.4-4%
Greenhills Elementary5.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-320.311%
Twin Lakes Elementary5.6 Regular SchoolKG-625.8-
Oakdale Elementary5.6 Regular SchoolKG-820.3-
Golden Valley Charter School Of Sacramento5.8 Regular SchoolKG-821.9-
Pasadena Avenue Elementary5.8 Regular SchoolKG-528.898%
Gold River Discovery Center K-85.8 Regular SchoolKG-825.9-2%
Mary Deterding Elementary5.8 Regular SchoolKG-627.3-2%
Thomas Jefferson Elementary6.0 Regular SchoolKG-523.9-
Blue Oaks Elementary6.2 Regular SchoolKG-524.7-2%
Williamson Elementary6.2 Regular SchoolKG-525.3-
Maria Montessori Charter Academy6.3 Regular SchoolKG-815.998%
Junction Elementary6.4 Regular SchoolKG-523.8-2%
Sierra Elementary6.4 Regular SchoolKG-626.6-3%
Whitney Avenue Elementary6.4 Regular SchoolKG-521.3-
Carl H. Sundahl Elementary6.5 Regular SchoolKG-626.7-
Marvin Marshall Preschool And Children's Center6.6 Special Education SchoolKG-1--
Reymouth Special Education Center6.7 Special Education SchoolPre-KG-Pre-KG--
Parker Whitney Elementary6.7 Regular SchoolKG-626.6-3%
Mission Avenue Open Elementary6.7 Regular SchoolKG-626.3-
Peter J. Shields Elementary6.7 Regular SchoolKG-526.2-
Rock Creek Elementary6.7 Regular SchoolKG-625.1-2%
James R. Cowan Fundamental Elementary6.7 Regular SchoolKG-628.4-
Pathways Community Day6.8 Other/Alternative SchoolKG-811.0-81%
Folsom Cordova K-8 Community Charter6.9 Regular SchoolKG-823.497%
Ruhkala Elementary7.0 Regular SchoolKG-629.4-3%
Rocklin Academy7.0 Regular SchoolKG-625.6-4%
Cobblestone Elementary7.1 Regular SchoolKG-625.0-4%
Rancho Cordova Elementary7.1 Regular SchoolKG-622.999%
Rocklin Academy At Meyers Street7.1 Regular SchoolKG-625.4-
Rocklin Elementary7.1 Regular SchoolKG-627.9-3%
Natoma Station Elementary7.3 Regular SchoolKG-625.0-3%
Del Paso Manor Elementary7.3 Regular SchoolKG-624.1-
Theodore Judah Elementary7.3 Regular SchoolKG-626.7-
Cordova Gardens Elementary7.4 Regular SchoolKG-620.9-4%
Diamond Creek Elementary7.6 Regular SchoolKG-524.8-2%
Twin Oaks Elementary7.6 Regular SchoolKG-626.6-4%
Starr King K-87.7 Regular SchoolKG-823.3-
Dry Creek Elementary7.8 Regular SchoolKG-427.3-
Bell Avenue Elementary7.8 Regular SchoolKG-622.5-
Cordova Meadows Elementary7.9 Regular SchoolKG-525.7-5%
Orchard Elementary7.9 Regular SchoolKG-828.4-
Blanche Sprentz Elementary8.0 Regular SchoolKG-522.5-5%
White Rock Elementary8.0 Regular SchoolKG-624.4-
Main Avenue Elementary8.1 Regular SchoolKG-621.3-
Sandra J. Gallardo Elementary8.1 Regular SchoolKG-528.4-2%
Del Dayo Elementary8.2 Regular SchoolKG-626.2-
Breen Elementary8.2 Regular SchoolKG-626.6-2%
Valley View Elementary8.3 Regular SchoolKG-626.3-3%
Dyer-kelly Elementary8.4 Regular SchoolKG-519.9-4%
Cordova Villa Elementary8.5 Regular SchoolKG-521.3-
Michael J. Castori Elementary8.5 Regular SchoolKG-629.6-
Cottage Elementary8.6 Regular SchoolKG-517.6-5%
Sunset Ranch Elementary8.6 Regular SchoolKG-625.2-
Robla Elementary8.6 Regular SchoolKG-622.8-
Mariemont Elementary8.7 Regular SchoolKG-524.3-3%
Aspire Alexander Twilight College Preparatory Acad8.8 Regular SchoolKG-524.4-
Franklin Elementary8.9 Regular SchoolKG-824.4-
Navigator Elementary8.9 Regular SchoolKG-523.1-4%
Westside Elementary9.0 Regular SchoolKG-647.0-
Folsom Hills Elementary9.0 Regular SchoolKG-527.7-3%
Elverta Elementary9.0 Regular SchoolKG-518.573%
Loomis Basin Charter9.1 Regular SchoolKG-820.8-
Thomas Edison Language Institute9.1 Regular SchoolKG-619.3-
Howe Avenue Elementary9.1 Regular SchoolKG-519.4-
Abraham Lincoln Elementary9.1 Regular SchoolKG-630.8-3%
Taylor Street Elementary9.3 Regular SchoolKG-624.6-4%
Hagginwood Elementary9.3 Regular SchoolKG-619.5-4%
Oak Chan Elementary9.3 Regular SchoolKG-526.6-3%
Gold Ridge Elementary9.5 Regular SchoolKG-523.6-3%
A. M. Winn Elementary9.5 Regular SchoolKG-628.2-4%
D. W. Babcock Elementary9.6 Regular SchoolKG-623.0-4%
Del Paso Heights Elementary9.7 Regular SchoolKG-627.3-
Northwood Elementary9.8 Regular SchoolKG-625.3-
Glenwood Elementary9.9 Regular SchoolKG-626.1-3%
Greer Elementary9.9 Regular SchoolKG-520.8-
O. W. Erlewine Elementary10.0 Regular SchoolKG-628.4-4%
Twelve Bridges Elementary10.1 Regular SchoolKG-522.9-2%
H. Clarke Powers Elementary10.2 Regular SchoolKG-821.1-
Empire Oaks Elementary10.2 Regular SchoolKG-527.0-2%
Loomis Elementary10.2 Regular SchoolKG-824.3-
Harmon Johnson Elementary10.3 Regular School3-621.2-3%
Morey Avenue Early Childhood Development10.3 Regular SchoolKG-KG25.0-18%
Fairbanks Elementary10.4 Regular SchoolKG-618.8-
Noralto Elementary10.4 Regular SchoolKG-227.7-
James Marshall Elementary10.5 Regular SchoolKG-628.7-
Isador Cohen Elementary10.6 Regular SchoolKG-632.5-5%
Sierra Oaks K-810.6 Regular SchoolKG-827.5-
Sunrise Elementary10.7 Regular SchoolKG-623.6-
Woodlake Elementary10.9 Regular SchoolKG-625.8-
Lakeview Elementary10.9 Regular SchoolKG-526.3-3%
Sequoia Elementary11.0 Regular SchoolKG-628.9-3%
Mather Heights Elementary11.0 Regular SchoolKG-626.6-
Garden Valley Elementary11.0 Regular SchoolKG-627.8-
Placer Elementary11.0 Regular SchoolKG-821.2-4%
Regency Park Elementary11.2 Regular SchoolKG-527.1-
Hazel Strauch Elementary11.4 Regular SchoolKG-529.0-3%
Caleb Greenwood11.4 Regular SchoolKG-825.7-3%
Hubert H. Bancroft Elementary11.4 Regular SchoolKG-627.8-
Lake Forest Elementary11.5 Regular SchoolKG-526.2-3%
Smythe Academy Of Arts And Sciences11.5 Regular SchoolKG-825.8-1%
Natomas Park Elementary11.6 Regular SchoolKG-627.5-2%
Jackson Elementary11.6 Regular SchoolKG-522.9-4%
Russell Ranch Elementary11.6 Regular SchoolKG-527.1-2%
Golden Empire Elementary11.7 Regular SchoolKG-629.8-2%
Heron11.9 Regular SchoolKG-825.1-
William Brooks Elementary12.1 Regular SchoolKG-524.2-3%
Theodore Judah Elementary12.1 Regular SchoolKG-623.9-
American Lakes Elementary12.2 Regular SchoolKG-621.7-3%
Lincoln Crossing Elementary12.2 Regular SchoolKG-523.5-
Penryn Elementary12.3 Regular SchoolKG-821.3-
Silva Valley Elementary12.4 Regular SchoolKG-525.2-
Phoebe A. Hearst Elementary12.5 Regular School1-629.7-3%
Sierra-enterprise Elementary12.7 Regular SchoolKG-620.899%
Bannon Creek Elementary12.7 Regular SchoolKG-626.40%
Jefferson Elementary12.7 Regular SchoolKG-624.4-
First Street12.8 Regular SchoolKG-520.9-3%
David Lubin Elementary12.8 Regular SchoolKG-627.8-
Creekside Oaks Elementary12.8 Regular SchoolKG-523.0-
H. Allen Hight Elementary13.0 Regular SchoolKG-627.2-
Washington Elementary13.0 Regular SchoolKG-629.7-
Oak Meadow Elementary13.1 Regular SchoolKG-523.6-
Tahoe Elementary13.2 Regular SchoolKG-622.3-5%
Joseph Bonnheim Elementary13.4 Regular SchoolKG-630.1-
The Language Academy Of Sacramento13.5 Regular SchoolKG-828.4-4%
Witter Ranch Elementary13.6 Regular SchoolKG-627.7-1%
Carlin C. Coppin Elementary13.8 Regular SchoolKG-521.1-4%
Earl Warren Elementary13.9 Regular SchoolKG-629.999%
Aspire Capitol Heights Academy13.9 Regular SchoolKG-822.5-6%
Pleasant Grove14.0 Regular SchoolKG-821.0-10%
Westlake Charter14.2 Regular SchoolKG-517.30%
Foskett Ranch Elementary14.2 Regular SchoolKG-520.1-3%
Mark Twain Elementary14.2 Regular SchoolKG-624.7-4%
Elkhorn Village Elementary14.2 Regular SchoolKG-818.5-3%
Capitol Collegiate Academy14.3 Regular SchoolKG-811.866%
William Land Elementary14.3 Regular SchoolKG-636.2-6%
Father Keith B. Kenny Elementary14.3 Regular SchoolKG-626.2-
Two Rivers Elementary14.3 Regular SchoolKG-626.3-
Elder Creek Elementary14.4 Regular SchoolKG-629.9-
Riverbank Elementary14.5 Regular School3-820.7-3%
Newcastle Elementary14.5 Regular SchoolKG-819.0-10%
Fruit Ridge Elementary14.6 Regular SchoolKG-623.7-5%
Peter Burnett Elementary14.7 Regular SchoolKG-631.1-
Bret Harte Elementary14.7 Regular SchoolKG-627.3-4%
Oak Ridge Elementary14.7 Regular SchoolKG-625.999%
Bryte Elementary14.8 Regular SchoolKG-217.31%
Evergreen Elementary14.8 Other/Alternative School1-66.050%
Camellia Elementary15.0 Regular SchoolKG-627.0-3%
Ethel I. Baker Elementary15.1 Regular SchoolKG-627.7-2%
St. Hope Public School 7 (ps7)15.2 Regular SchoolKG-825.572%
Jedediah Smith Elementary15.2 Regular SchoolKG-626.8-6%
Ethel Phillips Elementary15.3 Regular SchoolKG-623.599%
Westfield Village Elementary15.3 Regular SchoolKG-519.2-4%
Crocker/riverside Elementary15.3 Regular SchoolKG-630.3-
Clayton B. Wire Elementary15.4 Regular SchoolKG-629.199%
Success Academy15.4 Other/Alternative SchoolKG-83.2-
Green Valley Elementary15.5 Regular SchoolKG-525.3-
Samuel Kennedy Elementary15.5 Regular SchoolKG-624.0-1%
Nicholas Elementary15.7 Regular SchoolKG-627.7-
Fortune15.7 Regular SchoolKG-824.427%
Florin Elementary15.7 Regular SchoolKG-625.9-2%
Westmore Oaks Elementary15.8 Regular SchoolKG-821.3-
Pacific Elementary15.8 Regular SchoolKG-626.9-
Maple Elementary15.8 Regular SchoolKG-628.8-6%
Leonardo Da Vinci15.8 Regular SchoolKG-827.6-
Blue Oak Elementary15.9 Regular SchoolKG-524.0-
Sacramento Valley Charter15.9 Regular SchoolKG-813.2-
Hollywood Park Elementary15.9 Regular SchoolKG-631.0-6%
David Reese Elementary16.0 Regular SchoolKG-623.9-1%
Charter Montessori Blue Oak Campus16.1 Regular SchoolKG-323.8-10%
Arnold Adreani Elementary16.1 Regular SchoolKG-625.2-
Stonegate Elementary16.2 Regular SchoolKG-821.3-2%
Cosumnes River Elementary16.2 Regular SchoolKG-625.6-3%
Collis P. Huntington Elementary16.2 Regular SchoolKG-638.0-6%
Ophir Elementary16.3 Regular SchoolKG-820.6-9%
Sutterville Elementary16.4 Regular SchoolKG-633.6-
Bowling Green Elementary16.5 Regular SchoolKG-624.4-2%
Robert J. Fite Elementary16.5 Regular SchoolKG-625.1-3%
Parkway Elementary16.9 Regular SchoolKG-628.1-
Skyridge Elementary16.9 Regular SchoolKG-522.5-
Woodbine Elementary17.0 Regular SchoolKG-628.1-4%
Maeola E. Beitzel Elementary17.1 Regular SchoolKG-625.6-1%
John Cabrillo Elementary17.1 Regular SchoolKG-628.199%
Southport Elementary17.2 Regular SchoolKG-821.4-
Mary Tsukamoto Elementary17.2 Regular SchoolKG-625.5-1%
H. W. Harkness Elementary17.3 Regular SchoolKG-639.6-
Charles E. Mack Elementary17.4 Regular SchoolKG-624.7-2%
Anna Kirchgater Elementary17.4 Regular SchoolKG-623.4-1%

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