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Compare New Fairfield Middle School with Nearby Middle Schools

Compare New Fairfield Middle School with

Nearby Middle Schools
Middle Schools in same district (New Fairfield School District)
Middle Schools in New Fairfield CT

Middle Schools near New Fairfield Middle School

School Name Distance
Type Grades Student
Free &
New Fairfield Middle School0.0 Regular School6-813.410%
King Street Intermediate School2.6 Regular School4-516.341%
Broadview Middle School5.1 Regular School6-814.947%
Rogers Park Middle School6.4 Regular School6-813.257%
Whisconier Middle School7.0 Regular School5-813.69%
Ralph M. T. Johnson School8.0 Regular School4-512.718%
Bethel Middle School8.1 Regular School6-812.518%
Sarah Noble Intermediate School8.5 Regular School4-613.518%
Scotts Ridge Middle School9.3 Regular School6-812.51%
Newtown Middle School11.3 Regular School7-812.48%
Reed Intermediate School12.0 Regular School5-614.87%
John Read Middle School12.1 Regular School5-810.82%
Schaghticoke Middle School12.4 Regular School7-812.220%
East Ridge Middle School12.7 Regular School6-813.32%
Shepaug Valley Middle School14.3 Regular School6-89.47%
Rochambeau Middle School14.8 Regular School6-811.93%
Jockey Hollow School16.4 Regular School6-814.46%
Woodbury Middle School16.5 Regular School6-812.67%
Middlebrook School18.3 Regular School6-812.91%
Weston Middle School18.4 Regular School6-812.32%
Great Oak School19.2 Regular School6-814.49%
Helen Keller Middle School19.3 Regular School6-812.31%
Madison Middle School19.8 Regular School6-813.25%
Coleytown Middle School21.2 Regular School6-89.82%
Hillcrest Middle School21.3 Regular School6-813.38%
Seymour Middle School21.5 Regular School6-814.125%
Memorial Middle School22.2 Regular School6-813.06%
Scofield Middle School22.5 Regular School6-812.246%
Intermediate School22.5 Regular School7-815.020%
Saxe Middle School22.8 Regular School5-811.4-
Bedford Middle School22.9 Regular School6-811.33%
Derby Middle School23.0 Regular School6-817.053%
West Rocks Middle School23.1 Regular School6-812.045%
Swift Middle School23.2 Regular School6-813.219%
Fairfield Woods Middle School23.3 Regular School6-811.87%
Hillside Intermediate School23.4 Regular School5-616.449%
Ansonia Middle School23.5 Regular School7-815.352%
Perry Hill Elementary School23.5 Regular School5-615.919%
Ponus Ridge Middle School23.6 Regular School6-810.350%
West Side Middle School23.8 Regular School6-811.683%
Cross Street Intermediate School24.0 Regular School5-614.036%
Nathan Hale Middle School24.5 Regular School6-811.540%
City Hill Middle School24.6 Regular School7-814.043%
Litchfield Intermediate School24.9 Regular School4-612.912%

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