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Compare Mid Florida Tech with Nearby High Schools

Compare Mid Florida Tech with

Nearby High Schools
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High Schools in Orlando FL

High Schools near Mid Florida Tech

School Name Distance
Type Grades Student
Free &
Mid Florida Tech0.0 Vocational School9-12--
Chancery High Charter1.3 Regular School9-1253.029%
Project Compass1.4 Regular School7-1210.370%
Oak Ridge High1.8 Regular School9-1216.676%
Life Skills Charter2.2 Regular School9-1219.835%
Florida Mall Education Center2.2 Other/Alternative School10-1210.033%
Orange Youth Academy2.2 Other/Alternative School7-1210.34%
Youthful Offenders Program2.4 Regular School7-129.434%
Cornerstone Charter Academy High School3.1 Regular School9-1212.729%
Universal Education Center3.3 Other/Alternative School10-1210.026%
Ucp Transitional Learning Academy High Charter3.5 Special Education School9-1221.028%
Dr. Phillips High3.7 Regular School9-1220.738%
Freedom High3.8 Regular School9-1221.352%
Jones High4.4 Regular School9-1215.262%
Boone High4.5 Regular School9-1221.534%
Florida Virtual High School4.6 Regular School9-12--
Florida Virtual School Full Time 9-124.7 Regular School9-12-40%
Pinecrest Preparatory High Charter5.1 Regular School9-127.042%
Addictions Receiving Facility5.2 Other/Alternative School7-1211.0-
Olympia High5.8 Regular School9-1221.529%
Orlando Tech5.8 Vocational School9-12--
Workforce Advantage Academy Charter6.1 Regular School9-1227.945%
Cypress Creek High6.6 Regular School9-1220.553%
Acceleration Academy7.2 Other/Alternative School8-1219.974%
Edgewater High7.7 Regular School9-1218.943%
Drop Back In8.3 Other/Alternative School9-1229.937%
Evans High9.0 Regular School9-1219.061%
Colonial High9.0 Regular School9-1221.766%
Northstar High Charter9.2 Regular School9-1221.429%
Transition Center9.7 Other/Alternative School8-125.678%
Winter Park High9.8 Regular School9-1219.129%
Winter Park Tech9.8 Vocational School9-12--
West Orange High10.4 Regular School9-1222.731%
Westside Tech11.1 Vocational School9-12--
Aloma High Charter11.4 Regular School9-1243.223%
Mavericks High School11.7 Other/Alternative School9-1231.346%
Lake Nona High12.0 Regular School8-1221.439%
Wekiva High12.1 Regular School9-1221.547%
Legacy High Charter12.1 Regular School9-1211.86%
Ocoee High12.4 Regular School9-1221.550%
Osceola Virtual Instruction (course Offerings)12.4 Regular School9-12--
Technical Education Center Osceola12.6 Vocational School9-12--
Professional & Technical High12.6 Vocational School9-1221.967%
Gateway High School12.7 Regular School9-1219.069%
Osceola High School12.7 Regular School9-1217.569%
Challenger12.9 Other/Alternative School9-1225.157%
Osceola Co Commitment Facility12.9 Other/Alternative School8-1210.5-
Zenith School And Teen Parenting Center13.4 Other/Alternative School9-1231.066%
University High14.2 Regular School9-1221.345%
Lake Howell High School14.4 Regular School9-1220.743%
East Orlando Education Center14.5 Other/Alternative School10-126.5-
Lake Brantley High School14.6 Regular School9-1219.135%
Sheeler High Charter14.8 Regular School9-1249.930%
Celebration High School14.8 Regular School9-1218.257%
Lyman High School15.6 Regular School9-1218.645%
Apopka High16.7 Regular School9-1221.743%
Timber Creek High16.8 Regular School9-1219.324%
Poinciana High School17.0 Regular School9-1218.972%
Hagerty High School18.0 Regular School9-1220.820%
St. Cloud High School18.1 Regular School9-1219.150%
East River High18.4 Regular School9-1220.446%
Oviedo High School18.5 Regular School9-1219.427%
Lake Minneola High School18.5 Regular School9-1218.347%
Winter Springs High School18.5 Regular School9-1218.942%
East Ridge High School18.7 Regular School9-1219.344%
Alternative Educational Developmental Program18.7 Other/Alternative School9-12--
Lake Mary High School19.0 Regular School9-1220.438%
Liberty High School21.4 Regular School9-1217.769%
Seminole High School22.8 Regular School9-1220.047%
New Dimensions High School23.0 Regular School9-1218.367%
Crooms Academy Of Information Technology24.1 Regular School9-1216.447%
Davenport Career Education Center24.4 Other/Alternative School9-12--

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