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Compare Jasper Elementary School with Nearby Elementary Schools

Compare Jasper Elementary School with

Nearby Elementary Schools
Elementary Schools in same district (Pickens County)
Elementary Schools in Jasper GA

Elementary Schools near Jasper Elementary School

School Name Distance
Type Grades Student
Free &
Tate Elementary School0.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.755%
Harmony Elementary School2.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.257%
Hill City Elementary School4.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.956%
Ball Ground Elementary School9.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.536%
Clayton Elementary School10.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-614.038%
R. M. Moore Elementary School10.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-615.149%
Fairmount Elementary School15.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.167%
Mountain View Elementary15.3 Regular SchoolKG-415.072%
Macedonia Elementary School15.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-519.914%
Ellijay Elementary16.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-415.179%
William G. Hasty- Sr. Elementary School16.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-614.478%
Canton Elementary16.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-613.486%
Avery Elementary School17.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-518.820%
Free Home Elementary School17.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-518.133%
Matt Elementary School17.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.327%
J. Knox Elementary18.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-617.626%
Indian Knoll Elementary18.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-617.630%
Robinson Elementary School19.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.653%
Riverview Elementary School19.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.555%
Liberty Elementary School20.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-519.622%
Pine Log Elementary20.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.365%
Hickory Flat Elementary School20.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-615.013%
Holly Springs Elementary School20.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-617.042%
Silver City Elementary School21.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.124%
Black's Mill Elementary School21.5 Regular SchoolKG-59.650%
Sawnee Elementary School21.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.522%
Sixes Elementary School21.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.410%
Cherokee Charter Academy22.1 Regular SchoolKG-715.216%
Sonoraville Elementary22.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.2-2%
Mountain Road Elementary School22.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-617.014%
Coal Mountain Elementary School23.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.926%
White Elementary School23.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.758%
Birmingham Falls Elementary School23.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.92%
Blackburn Elementary School23.3 Regular SchoolKG-515.654%
Vickery Creek Elementary School23.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-518.98%
Red Bud Elementary School23.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-517.364%
Johnston Elementary School23.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.334%
Cumming Elementary School24.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.543%
Midway Elementary School24.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.443%
Kilough Elementary School24.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.046%
George W. Whitlow Elementary24.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.030%
Bascomb Elementary School24.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-416.910%
Summit Hill Elementary24.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.95%
Arnold Mill Elementary School25.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-517.325%

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