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Compare East Leyden High School with Nearby High Schools

Compare East Leyden High School with

Nearby High Schools
High Schools in same district (Leyden Chsd 212)
High Schools in Franklin Park IL

High Schools near East Leyden High School

School Name Distance
Type Grades Student
Free &
Maple Park Academy0.7 Special Education School9-1214.738%
West 40 Alop Achievers0.7 Other/Alternative School9-12--
West Leyden High School2.2 Regular School9-1215.952%
Elmwood Park High School2.3 Regular School9-1214.237%
Ridgewood Comm High School3.0 Regular School9-1216.821%
Steinmetz Academic Centre Hs4.3 Regular School9-1216.994%
Proviso East High School4.6 Regular School9-1218.961%
Harbor Academy Reg Safe Sch Prg4.6 Other/Alternative School9-12-53%
Chicago Academy High School4.6 Regular School9-1215.783%
Fenton High School4.7 Regular School9-1216.149%
Taft High School4.9 Regular School7-1217.759%
Alternative Bd/ed High Sch4.9 Special Education School9-126.438%
Oak Park & River Forest High Sch5.4 Regular School9-1216.220%
Vaughn Occupational High School5.4 Other/Alternative School9-128.587%
Proviso West High School5.4 Regular School9-1221.354%
York Comm High School5.6 Regular School9-1216.213%
Proviso Math And Science Academy5.6 Regular School9-1221.745%
Prosser Career Academy Hs5.6 Regular School9-1216.989%
Foreman High School5.8 Regular School9-1215.592%
Maine West High School5.9 Regular School9-1212.234%
Maine South High School6.0 Regular School9-1212.98%
Douglass Academy High School6.2 Regular School9-1215.299%
Banner West Academy Hs6.3 Regular School9-12-75%
Voise Academy High School6.6 Regular School9-1213.796%
Maine East High School6.7 Regular School9-1211.145%
Schurz High School6.8 Regular School9-1216.992%
Kelvyn Park High School6.8 Regular School9-1214.595%
North-grand High School7.0 Regular School9-1217.796%
Partners For Success-old Mill Sch7.1 Other/Alternative School7-123.847%
Niles Central7.3 Special Education School9-126.486%
J Sterling Morton West High Sch7.4 Regular School9-1222.378%
Niles West High School7.6 Regular School9-1214.131%
Orr Academy High School7.9 Regular School9-1214.189%
Addison Trail High School8.0 Regular School9-1217.248%
Willowbrook High School8.0 Regular School9-1217.038%
Roosevelt High School8.0 Regular School9-1216.295%
Northside Learning Center8.0 Special Education School9-128.384%
Riverside Brookfield Twp Hs8.0 Regular School9-1223.817%
J Sterling Morton East High Sch8.1 Regular School10-1225.793%
J Sterling Morton Alternative Sch8.2 Other/Alternative School9-124.892%
Morton Alternative Schools8.2 Other/Alternative School9-12-92%
Von Steuben Metro Science Hs8.2 Regular School9-1218.178%
Elk Grove High School8.3 Regular School9-1217.831%
Northside College Preparatory Hs8.6 Regular School9-1217.035%
Raby High School8.7 Regular School9-1214.195%
Community Services West High Sch9.0 Regular School11-1221.168%
Lyons Twp High Sch9.0 Regular School9-1216.113%
Devry Advantage Academy High Schl9.0 Regular School11-1218.282%
Lane Technical High School9.0 Regular School9-1218.460%
Technology Center Of Dupage9.1 Vocational School11-12--
Forest View Alternative School9.1 Other/Alternative School9-126.256%
Mather High School9.1 Regular School9-1216.086%
Vanguard School9.1 Special Education School9-1210.640%
Nw Suburban Etc Regional Pgms9.1 Vocational School9-12--
Marshall Metropolitan High School9.3 Regular School9-1211.792%
Glenbard East High School9.4 Regular School9-1217.736%
Ford Power House Charter Hs9.4 Regular School9-1217.596%
Clemente Community Academy Hs9.7 Regular School9-1214.396%
Westmont High School9.8 Regular School9-1215.240%
Amundsen High School9.9 Regular School9-1216.389%
Manley Career Academy High School9.9 Regular School9-1214.188%
North Lawndale Prep Chtr-christiana9.9 Regular School9-1213.394%
World Language High School10.0 Regular School9-1214.598%
Multicultural Arts High School10.0 Regular School9-1215.896%
School Of Social Justice Hs10.0 Regular School9-1212.898%
Infinity Math Science & Tech Hs10.0 Regular School9-1214.897%
Niles North High School10.0 Regular School9-1212.831%
Collins Academy High School10.1 Regular School9-1214.199%
Idoc/healy South High School10.1 Special Education School9-12--
Phoenix Military Academy Hs10.1 Regular School9-1219.194%
Glenbrook Off-campus Center10.1 Regular School9-122.721%
Glenbrook Evening High School10.2 Regular School9-1226.025%
Lake View High School10.2 Regular School9-1216.587%
Glenbrook South High School10.2 Regular School9-1214.019%
Prospect High School10.4 Regular School9-1217.98%
Farragut Career Academy Hs10.4 Regular School9-1216.698%
Crane Technical Prep High School10.4 Regular School9-1211.290%
Wells Community Academy Hs10.6 Regular School9-1212.896%
Lake Park High School10.7 Regular School9-1219.015%
Physically Handicapped Prgms10.7 Special Education School11-125.318%
Prologue Early College Hs10.8 Regular School9-1222.489%
Senn High School10.8 Regular School9-1215.392%
Rickover Naval Academy High Schl10.8 Regular School9-1217.584%
Spry Community Links High School10.8 Regular School9-1214.198%
Glenbard West High School10.8 Regular School9-1217.919%
Jefferson Alt High School10.8 Regular School8-124.665%
Sullivan High School11.0 Regular School9-1214.694%
York Alternative High School11.1 Other/Alternative School9-125.220%
Hinsdale Central High School11.2 Regular School9-1216.44%
Evanston Twp High School11.2 Regular School9-1214.140%
Young Magnet High School11.3 Regular School7-1219.738%
Kennedy High School11.4 Regular School9-1216.779%
Young Adult Program11.5 Special Education School10-1262.04%
Lincoln Park High School11.5 Regular School9-1218.957%
Rolling Meadows High School11.5 Regular School9-1217.026%
Simpson Acad Hs For Young Women11.5 Special Education School8-1210.495%
Argo Community High School11.9 Regular School9-1217.263%
Glenbrook North High School11.9 Regular School9-1213.07%
J B Conant High School12.0 Regular School9-1216.816%
Comm H S Dist 99 - North H S12.1 Regular School9-1215.517%
Juarez Community Academy Hs12.1 Regular School9-1216.295%
Curie Metropolitan High School12.2 Regular School9-1216.490%
John Hersey High School12.2 Regular School9-1217.213%
Payton College Preparatory Hs12.2 Regular School9-1216.733%
Kelly High School12.3 Regular School9-1215.996%
Hancock College Preparatory Hs12.7 Regular School9-1216.194%
Noble Street Charter High School13.0 Regular School9-1217.689%
Glenbard South High School13.0 Regular School9-1216.216%
New Trier Township H S Winnetka13.0 Regular School10-1213.23%
Jones College Prep High School13.1 Regular School9-1216.850%
Wheeling High School13.3 Regular School9-1215.738%
Wheaton North High School13.5 Regular School9-1217.024%
Hubbard High School13.5 Regular School9-1219.796%
Peace And Education Coalition Hs13.6 Special Education School10-126.797%
District 211 Academy - North13.7 Special Education School9-125.460%
Schaumburg High School13.7 Regular School9-1215.921%
Hinsdale South High School13.7 Regular School9-1214.523%
N Cook Young Adult Acdmy Palatine13.7 Other/Alternative School9-126.420%
Reavis High School13.8 Regular School9-1218.131%
Gage Park High School13.9 Regular School9-1215.292%
Graham R Training Center14.0 Special Education School10-126.394%
Glenbard North High School14.2 Regular School9-1217.123%
Comm H S Dist 99 - South High Sch14.2 Regular School9-1216.423%
Richards Career Academy Hs14.3 Regular School9-1212.792%
Young Womens Leadership Chartr Hs14.4 Regular School7-1215.490%
Youth Connections Charter Hs14.5 Regular School9-1216.393%
Dunbar Vocational Career Acad Hs14.6 Regular School9-1216.995%
Hoffman Estates High School14.6 Regular School9-1214.029%
Wm Fremd High School14.7 Regular School9-1216.77%
Tilden Career Communty Academy Hs14.8 Regular School9-1215.097%
Chicago Military Academy Hs14.9 Regular School9-1217.989%
Lindblom Math & Science Acad Hs14.9 Regular School7-1215.670%
Buffalo Grove High School15.0 Regular School9-1216.518%
Phillips Academy High School15.1 Regular School9-1211.792%
Lisle High School15.2 Regular School9-1216.321%
Bogan High School15.3 Regular School9-1215.789%
Alop Alternative High School15.3 Other/Alternative School9-12--
District 211 Academy - South15.3 Other/Alternative School9-128.437%
Harper High School15.4 Regular School9-1212.694%
Palatine High School15.5 Regular School9-1215.732%
Hope College Prep High School15.5 Regular School9-1214.798%
Bronzeville Scholastic Hs15.6 Regular School9-1218.494%
Williams Medical Prep High Sch15.6 Regular School7-1217.193%
Ace Technical Charter High School16.0 Regular School9-1214.894%
Oak Lawn Comm High School16.0 Regular School9-1217.336%
King College Prep High School16.2 Regular School9-1215.173%
Urban Prep Chtr Englewood Hs16.3 Regular School9-1217.281%
Dyett High School16.3 Regular School9-1211.793%
Wheaton Warrenville South H S16.3 Regular School9-1216.623%
Pathways In Education Hs16.6 Regular School9-12-69%
Robeson High School16.8 Regular School9-1215.397%
Bartlett High School16.8 Regular School9-1221.928%
Deerfield High School17.0 Regular School9-1214.72%
Kenwood Academy High School17.2 Regular School7-1217.978%
H L Richards High Sch(campus)17.7 Regular School9-1216.551%
Highland Park High School17.7 Regular School9-1215.513%
Amos Alonzo Stagg High School17.7 Regular School9-1216.029%
Evergreen Park High School18.0 Regular School9-1215.421%
Community High School18.0 Regular School9-1217.826%
Streamwood High School18.1 Regular School9-1219.059%
Simeon Career Academy High School18.1 Regular School9-1217.992%
Hyde Park Academy High School18.1 Regular School9-1216.682%
Adlai E Stevenson High School18.3 Regular School9-1216.14%
Naperville North High School18.5 Regular School9-1217.211%
Prologue - Johnston Fine Arts Hs18.6 Regular School9-1233.984%
Hirsch Metropolitan High School18.8 Regular School9-1213.096%
Chicago Hs For Agricult Sciences19.0 Regular School9-1213.458%
Naperville Central High School19.2 Regular School9-1216.26%
School Of Leadership High School19.5 Regular School8-1213.092%
Lemont Twp High School19.6 Regular School9-1216.27%
Julian High School19.6 Regular School9-1216.392%
Phoenix Experience 99-365u19.9 Other/Alternative School9-12-73%
Harlan Community Academy Hs19.9 Regular School7-1214.991%
Morgan Park High School20.1 Regular School7-1216.578%
Vernon Hills High School20.2 Regular School9-1215.011%
Carl Sandburg High School20.2 Regular School9-1217.09%
Elgin High School20.3 Regular School9-1219.074%
A B Shepard High Sch (campus)20.3 Regular School9-1216.644%
Barrington High School20.7 Regular School9-1217.615%
Chicago Vocational Career Acad Hs20.7 Regular School9-1213.498%
Bolingbrook High School20.9 Regular School9-1215.852%
Fenger Academy High School21.0 Regular School9-1213.394%
Corliss High School21.2 Regular School9-1215.992%
Dd Eisenhower High Sch (campus)21.3 Regular School9-1214.872%
Lake Zurich High School21.3 Regular School9-1216.68%
St Charles East High School21.3 Regular School9-1215.014%
Bowen Environmental Studies Hs21.4 Regular School9-12--
Chicago Discovery Academy Hs21.4 Regular School9-12--
New Millennium Health High School21.4 Regular School9-1213.595%
Global Visions High School21.4 Regular School9-12--
Brooks College Prep Academy Hs21.5 Regular School9-1216.684%
Metea Valley High School21.8 Regular School9-1217.019%
South Elgin High School21.8 Regular School9-1219.428%
Transition21.8 Special Education School11-126.028%
Banner South Academy Hs22.0 Regular School9-12-68%
Gifford Street High School22.1 Special Education School7-1210.182%
Delta Learning Center22.1 Special Education School9-129.375%
Central School Program22.1 Special Education School8-126.173%
Indian Plains Alternative School22.2 Other/Alternative School7-124.448%
Lake Forest High School22.4 Regular School9-1213.84%
Project Challenge23.0 Special Education School11-1210.030%
Oak Forest High School23.3 Regular School9-1218.323%
Neuqua Valley High School23.3 Regular School9-1216.46%
St Charles North High School23.4 Regular School9-1214.96%
Geneva Community High School23.4 Regular School9-1217.45%
Larkin High School23.9 Regular School9-1218.568%
Transition Center23.9 Special Education School12-129.229%
Bremen High School23.9 Regular School9-1217.646%
Oak Ridge School24.0 Special Education School8-127.274%
Mundelein Cons High School24.2 Regular School9-1218.833%
Romeoville High School24.3 Regular School9-1216.352%
Libertyville High School24.3 Regular School9-1216.15%
Waubonsie Valley High School24.3 Regular School9-1215.618%
Carver Military Academy Hs24.3 Regular School9-1218.497%
Dundee-crown High School24.4 Regular School9-1220.057%
Batavia Sr High School24.7 Regular School9-1217.79%
Plainfield East High School24.8 Regular School9-1217.125%
Academy For Learning25.0 Special Education School9-12-71%

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