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Compare Monticello Academy with Nearby Elementary Schools

Compare Monticello Academy with

Nearby Elementary Schools
Elementary Schools in Santa Clara CA
Elementary Schools in Santa Clara county

Elementary Schools near Monticello Academy

School Name Distance
Type Grades Students Student
Kindercare Learning Centers0.2 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG168.0Nonsectarian
Delphi Academy San Francisco Bay0.2 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-81479.6Nonsectarian
Neighborhood Christian Center0.2 Alternative/otherPre-KG-Trans. KG257.1Christian (no specific denomination)
Carden Academy Of Santa Clara0.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-827812.0Nonsectarian
Silicon Valley Academy0.9 Special program emphasisPre-KG-8946.3Nonsectarian
Appleseed Montessori School0.9 MontessoriPre-KG-KG3011.5Nonsectarian
St Justin Elementary School0.9 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-829622.1Roman Catholic
Starbright School1.3 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG256.6Nonsectarian
St Lawrence Elementary And Middle Schools1.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-829621.1Roman Catholic
Queen Of Apostles School1.6 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-831015.5Roman Catholic
Bethel Lutheran School1.7 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-6989.8Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Challenger School - Strawberry Park1.7 Special program emphasisPre-KG-648313.4Nonsectarian
One World Montessori School1.7 MontessoriPre-KG-3235.8Nonsectarian
Santa Clara Christian School1.9 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-58710.5Other
Harker School2.1 Special program emphasis6-84799.4Nonsectarian
West Valley Middle School2.1 Regular elementary or secondary5-88211.2Nonsectarian
St Clare School2.6 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-830523.8Roman Catholic
St Martin Elementary School2.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-819317.7Roman Catholic
Resurrection School2.9 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-825719.3Roman Catholic
Primary Plus School2.9 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-427813.3Nonsectarian
St Martin Of Tours School3.0 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-832221.1Roman Catholic
Presbyterian Early Learning Center3.0 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG1616.0Presbyterian
Granada Islamic School3.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-839711.1Islamic
French American School Of Silicon Valley3.0 Special program emphasisPre-KG-51114.8Nonsectarian
Sunshine Montessori School3.0 MontessoriPre-KG-KG2010.0Nonsectarian
Delor Montessori3.0 MontessoriPre-KG-KG62.3Nonsectarian
Rainbow Montessori3.5 MontessoriPre-KG-640919.5Nonsectarian
South Peninsula Hebrew Day School3.7 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81877.2Jewish
Starbright School - Campbell Campus3.7 Early childhood program/child care centerKG-KG147.0Nonsectarian
Stratford School3.7 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-522214.8Nonsectarian
Stratford School3.8 Special program emphasisPre-KG-537017.6Nonsectarian
Primary Plus Inc3.8 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-Trans. KG4545.0Nonsectarian
Campbell Christian Schools3.9 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-521713.9Church of Christ
Primary Plus3.9 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG6623.6Nonsectarian
The Harker School Lower Division3.9 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-557610.6Nonsectarian
Sunnyvale Christian School4.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-59513.6Baptist
Old Orchard School4.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81725.8Nonsectarian
West Valley Christian School4.1 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-8289.0Seventh-Day Adventist
Casa Di Mir Montessori School4.1 MontessoriPre-KG-6737.5Nonsectarian
Centro Armonia Spanish Immersion School4.2 Special program emphasisPre-KG-1215.1Nonsectarian
San Jose Montessori School4.3 MontessoriPre-KG-KG133.9Nonsectarian
St Cyprian School4.3 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-819117.4Roman Catholic
Monarch Christian School-los Altos Campus4.4 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG157.5Christian (no specific denomination)
Montessori Academy Of Campbell4.5 MontessoriPre-KG-KG22.0Nonsectarian
St Leo The Great School4.5 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-827524.8Roman Catholic
St Lucy Parish School4.6 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-831422.8Roman Catholic
Canyon Heights Academy4.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81248.1Roman Catholic
Valley Christian Elementary School4.7 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-645826.5Christian (no specific denomination)
San Jose Christian School4.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-829313.9Calvinist
Carden Day School Of San Jose Lower Campus4.9 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-3596.3Nonsectarian
St Simon4.9 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-854224.9Roman Catholic
St Andrews School5.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-831612.4Episcopal
Western Montessori Day School5.0 MontessoriPre-KG-KG42.5Nonsectarian
St Stephen Lutheran School5.0 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-83712.3Other Lutheran
Sacred Heart School5.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-826815.9Roman Catholic
Miramonte School5.2 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-817513.5Seventh-Day Adventist
Headsup! Child Development Center5.3 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG22.0Nonsectarian
Skylar Hadden School5.5 Special education2-8136.2Nonsectarian
Yew Chung International School - Silicon Valley5.9 Special program emphasisPre-KG-5593.0Christian (no specific denomination)
St Patrick School5.9 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-822621.7Roman Catholic
Sacred Heart Nativity School5.9 Regular elementary or secondary6-85714.2Roman Catholic
Los Altos Christian School6.2 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-824011.7Baptist
St Christopher School6.2 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-862020.1Roman Catholic
St Joseph Elementary School6.2 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-825413.0Roman Catholic
St Frances Cabrini School6.2 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-856515.4Roman Catholic
Yavneh Day School6.2 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-81438.5Jewish
Over The Rainbow Montessori School6.3 MontessoriPre-KG-KG83.8Nonsectarian
Pinewood Private School Lower Camp6.4 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-21146.1Nonsectarian
Canterbury Christian School6.7 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-6979.9Other
South Valley Childrens Center At Carlton6.7 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-54013.3Nonsectarian
St Paul Lutheran Child Development Center6.8 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG105.0Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Five Wounds School7.0 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-811218.4Roman Catholic
My School At Cathedral Of Faith7.1 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG201.3Christian (no specific denomination)
St Nicholas Elementary School7.2 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-822916.6Roman Catholic
Kindercare Learning Centers7.2 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-Trans. KG243.3Nonsectarian
One World Montessori School7.3 MontessoriPre-KG-6492.1Nonsectarian
Achiever Christian School7.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-826413.7Baptist
Girls' Middle School7.4 Regular elementary or secondary6-812910.8Nonsectarian
Kindercare7.4 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG77.0Nonsectarian
Stratford School7.5 Regular elementary or secondary6-89110.3Nonsectarian
St John The Baptist Catholic School7.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-825224.5Roman Catholic
St Timothy's Lutheran School7.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-4579.8Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Over The Rainbow Montessori School7.8 MontessoriPre-KG-KG1010.0Nonsectarian
Hillbrook School8.0 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-Trans. 1811.9Nonsectarian
St Mary's Elementary School8.0 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-830319.8Roman Catholic
Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School8.1 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-83928.4Jewish
Mulberry School8.3 Alternative/otherPre-KG-510111.5Nonsectarian
Day Star Montessori School Inc8.6 MontessoriPre-KG-Trans. KG90.8Nonsectarian
Montessori Academy8.6 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG126.0Nonsectarian
Almaden Preparatory School8.6 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-811314.1Nonsectarian
The Learning Company & Academy8.7 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG66.0Nonsectarian
Milpitas Montessori School8.7 MontessoriPre-KG-24221.0Nonsectarian
Holy Family School8.8 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-849221.4Roman Catholic
Milpitas Christian School Inc8.8 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-853616.4Christian (no specific denomination)
Kiddie Academy Of San Jose8.8 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG33.0Nonsectarian
Calaveras Montessori School8.9 MontessoriPre-KG-KG41.5Nonsectarian
Most Holy Trinity School9.0 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-828123.8Roman Catholic
Kindercare9.1 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG77.0Nonsectarian
Piedmont Hills Montessori Academy9.1 MontessoriPre-KG-KG33.0Nonsectarian
Foothill Adventist Elementary School9.1 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-88116.2Seventh-Day Adventist
Kumon Of East Hills9.2 Special program emphasisPre-KG-819532.5Nonsectarian
Los Gatos Christian School9.2 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-847916.5Christian (no specific denomination)
St John Vianney Elem School9.2 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-860126.9Roman Catholic
Monarch Christian Schools Inc9.2 MontessoriKG-KG199.5Christian (no specific denomination)
Tower Academy9.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-5719.7Nonsectarian
Golden Harvest Montessori School9.3 MontessoriPre-KG-KG75.0Nonsectarian
Torah Academy9.7 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG1010.0Jewish
Keys School9.8 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-81767.8Nonsectarian
Holy Spirit School10.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-850918.6Roman Catholic
Valley Christian Junior High10.0 Regular elementary or secondary6-855720.2Christian (no specific denomination)
Emerson School10.2 MontessoriKG-8454.6Nonsectarian
Hope Technology School10.2 Alternative/otherPre-KG-8688.5Nonsectarian
Scholars Academy10.4 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-6648.7Nonsectarian
Living Wisdom School10.5 Alternative/otherPre-KG-8506.6Nonsectarian
Stratford School10.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-4698.6Nonsectarian
East Valley Christian School10.6 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-814023.3Pentecostal
International School Of The Peninsula10.8 Special program emphasisPre-KG-84597.8Nonsectarian
Apostles Lutheran School10.9 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-817614.6Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
Kindercare Learning Center11.1 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG88.0Nonsectarian
Almaden Country School11.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-829210.2Nonsectarian
Pioneer Montessori School11.4 MontessoriPre-KG-KG81.2Nonsectarian
St Elizabeth Seton School11.4 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-824523.1Roman Catholic
Discovery Children's House Montessori School12.0 MontessoriPre-KG-Trans. KG60.9Nonsectarian
Evergreen Montessori School12.1 MontessoriPre-KG-KG60.9Nonsectarian
German - American International School12.1 Special program emphasisPre-KG-71539.6Nonsectarian
St Stephens Episcopal School12.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-8826.2Episcopal
Woodland School12.1 Special program emphasisPre-KG-81788.5Nonsectarian
Stratford School - Fremont12.5 Special program emphasisPre-KG-42489.9Nonsectarian
Stratford School12.5 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-4253194.6Nonsectarian
Bright Horizons12.7 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG92.2Nonsectarian
Diversity Children's Center13.1 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG103.6Nonsectarian
Chrysalis Elementary School13.2 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-5124.1Nonsectarian
University Heights Montessori Childrens Center13.3 MontessoriPre-KG-KG72.5Nonsectarian
Trinity School13.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-511012.1Episcopal
St Raymond Elementary School13.3 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-824413.3Roman Catholic
Phillips Brooks School13.4 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-52169.8Nonsectarian
Nativity Elementary School13.4 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-826923.2Roman Catholic
Stellar Academy13.5 Special education2-8379.2Nonsectarian
Stratford School - San Jose13.5 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-519315.3Nonsectarian
Montessori School Of Fremont Childrens House13.6 MontessoriPre-KG-KG52.5Nonsectarian
Beechwood School13.7 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-81618.8Nonsectarian
Our Lady Of Guadalupe School13.8 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-820218.2Roman Catholic
Dominican Kindergarten14.0 Early childhood program/child care centerKG-KG3612.4Roman Catholic
St Edward Elementary School14.0 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-829923.7Roman Catholic
St Joseph School14.0 Regular elementary or secondary1-828521.9Roman Catholic
Scribbles Montessori School14.7 MontessoriPre-KG-1417.3Nonsectarian
Prince Of Peace Lutheran School14.7 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-813612.9Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Mission Hills Sda Christian School14.7 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-8144.8Seventh-Day Adventist
Montessori School Of Newark14.9 MontessoriPre-KG-KG10.4Nonsectarian
Holy Spirit Catholic School15.1 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-830922.2Roman Catholic
Montessori School Of Centerville15.1 MontessoriPre-KG-KG1212.0Nonsectarian
Little Flowers Montessori, Inc15.1 MontessoriPre-KG-KG126.0Nonsectarian
Redwoods International Montessori House Of Chldrn15.3 MontessoriPre-KG-KG51.2Nonsectarian
Christian Community Schools15.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-829512.6Christian (no specific denomination)
New Horizons School15.4 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-818414.6Nonsectarian
Mission Valley Montessori Children's Learning Ctr15.4 MontessoriPre-KG-KG235.8Nonsectarian
Holy Family School15.4 Early childhood program/child care centerKG-KG1212.0Roman Catholic
St Pius Elementary School15.4 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-829721.5Roman Catholic
Bethel Christian Academy15.7 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-8459.2Baptist
Monarch Christian Preschool15.8 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG55.0Christian (no specific denomination)
Peninsula Christian Schools16.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-88911.7Assembly of God
Little People S School16.5 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-Trans. KG10.3Nonsectarian
Redeemer Lutheran School16.7 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-816016.2Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Jean Weingarten Peninsula Oral Schl For The Deaf16.8 Special educationPre-KG-KG41.5Nonsectarian
Our Lady Of Mt Carmel School16.9 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-828720.1Roman Catholic
Beresford Montessori17.0 MontessoriPre-KG-KG10.3Nonsectarian
Peace Terrace Academy17.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-8959.1Islamic
Sequoia Preschool Kindergarten17.1 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG132.0Christian (no specific denomination)
Montessori Children's Center17.4 MontessoriPre-KG-KG105.0Nonsectarian
Kindercare Learning Center Inc17.4 Early childhood program/child care centerKG-KG120.6Nonsectarian
Our Lady Of The Rosary School18.4 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-815917.5Roman Catholic
St Charles School18.7 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-829023.2Roman Catholic
Arbor Bay School18.9 Special educationKG-8387.6Nonsectarian
Baymonte Christian School19.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-843816.5Christian (no specific denomination)
Montessori Scotts Valley19.4 MontessoriPre-KG-KG99.0Nonsectarian
Charles Armstrong School20.1 Special education1-82515.7Nonsectarian
Notre Dame Elementary School20.5 Regular elementary or secondary1-82297.6Roman Catholic
Immaculate Heart Of Mary School20.6 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-830123.1Roman Catholic
Belmont Oaks Academy20.6 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-521215.7Nonsectarian
St Ambrose Sea Breeze School21.1 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-Trans. KG2510.9Episcopal
Serendipity School21.1 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-5986.3Nonsectarian
St Bede School21.2 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-824912.5Roman Catholic
Gloria Dei Lutheran Elem School21.2 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-8205.6Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
St Clement School21.3 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-827122.4Roman Catholic
Ronald C Wornick Jewish Day School21.3 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-826011.2Jewish
Bright Horizon Chinese School21.5 Special program emphasisKG-712910.8Nonsectarian
Montessori Children's House Of Hayward21.5 MontessoriKG-3618.4Nonsectarian
Lea's Christian School21.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-4689.6Christian (no specific denomination)
Bayside Sda Christian School21.5 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-85016.7Seventh-Day Adventist
Transfiguration Nursery School21.7 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG711.7Episcopal
Kindercare Learning Centers Inc #137221.9 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG1212.0Nonsectarian
Kids Connection Elementary21.9 Special program emphasisKG-519212.0Nonsectarian
Lakeview Montessori22.0 MontessoriPre-KG-KG51.4Nonsectarian
Children's Choice Educare22.0 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG147.4Nonsectarian
St Gregory School22.4 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-831025.0Roman Catholic
Grace Lutheran School22.4 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-88612.5Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Carden Academy Morgan Hill22.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-8956.9Nonsectarian
Northstar School22.6 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-5616.2Islamic
Elmhurst Learning Center22.6 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-6865.1Pentecostal
Kindercare Learning Center22.9 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG66.0Nonsectarian
The Carey School23.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-52207.7Nonsectarian
Crossroads Christian School23.0 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-818910.0Assembly of God
Beresford Montessori23.1 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG55.0Nonsectarian
Tara Redwood School23.2 MontessoriPre-KG-3217.2Other
St Catherine Catholic School23.4 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-830422.0Roman Catholic
St Joachim School23.4 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-829827.1Roman Catholic
All Saints Catholic School23.5 Regular elementary or secondary1-813224.4Roman Catholic
Centennial Montessori School23.6 MontessoriPre-KG-KG51.0Nonsectarian
Little Sonshine School House23.6 Early childhood program/child care centerPre-KG-KG1212.0Christian (no specific denomination)
Santa Cruz Waldorf School23.6 Special program emphasisPre-KG-815911.1Nonsectarian
Montessori Learning For Living23.6 MontessoriPre-KG-Trans. KG1020.0Nonsectarian
St Matthew Catholic School23.7 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-861328.1Roman Catholic
Odyssey School23.9 Special program emphasis6-8417.7Nonsectarian
St Timothy Elementary School24.0 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-827423.8Roman Catholic
Kindercare Learning Center24.1 Alternative/otherPre-KG-45454.0Nonsectarian
Tulane Montessori Children's House24.2 MontessoriPre-KG-KG303.2Nonsectarian
St Matthew's Episcopal Day School24.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81909.6Episcopal
New Horizons School24.3 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-494.5Nonsectarian
Calvary Lutheran School24.3 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-814711.9Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
Santa Cruz Montessori School24.4 MontessoriPre-KG-819611.6Nonsectarian
Woodroe Woods School24.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-23311.4Nonsectarian
Carden El Encanto School24.5 Special program emphasisKG-8795.7Nonsectarian
Good Shepherd Catholic School24.5 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-81709.9Roman Catholic
Orchard School24.6 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-6569.7Nonsectarian
Kinder Academy Montessori24.6 MontessoriPre-KG-KG41.1Nonsectarian
La Petite Montessori24.7 MontessoriPre-KG-KG20.8Nonsectarian
Magic Apple School24.7 Special program emphasis2-6609.5Nonsectarian
Vhm Christian School24.8 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-88617.2Seventh-Day Adventist
Carden West School24.8 Regular elementary or secondaryPre-KG-5636.9Nonsectarian
Russell Bede School24.8 Special education1-5185.3Nonsectarian
Twin Lakes Christian School24.8 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-621517.1Christian (no specific denomination)
Santa Cruz Children's School24.9 Regular elementary or secondaryKG-6478.0Nonsectarian
Highland Montessori25.0 MontessoriPre-KG-KG20.8Nonsectarian

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