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Compare North Miami Middle School with Nearby Middle Schools

Compare North Miami Middle School with

Nearby Middle Schools
Middle Schools in same district (Dade)
Middle Schools in North Miami FL

Middle Schools near North Miami Middle School

School Name Distance
Type Grades Student
Free &
Aspira Raul Arnaldo Martinez Charter School0.7 Regular School6-918.797%
John F. Kennedy Middle School2.0 Regular School6-821.589%
Westview Middle School3.0 Regular School6-814.891%
Horace Mann Middle School3.3 Regular School6-819.090%
Florida Int'l Academy Charter3.8 Regular School6-818.694%
Parkway Middle Community School4.1 Regular School6-814.692%
Norland Middle School4.2 Regular School6-817.685%
Andover Middle School4.5 Regular School6-822.881%
Highland Oaks Middle School4.7 Regular School6-821.769%
Miami Edison Middle School4.9 Regular School6-816.497%
North Dade Middle School5.4 Regular School6-816.587%
Hialeah Middle School5.4 Regular School6-816.290%
Madison Middle School5.5 Regular School6-816.894%
Charles R. Drew Middle School5.6 Regular School6-815.797%
Carol City Middle School5.7 Regular School6-819.091%
Henry D. Perry Middle School6.0 Regular School6-817.585%
Gulfstream Middle School6.0 Regular School6-814.590%
Allapattah Middle School6.1 Regular School6-817.192%
Brownsville Middle School6.5 Regular School6-817.895%
Lake Stevens Middle School6.7 Regular School6-818.387%
Nautilus Middle School6.7 Regular School6-822.171%
Mater Academy Middle School Of International Studi6.7 Regular School6-841.783%
Jose De Diego Middle School6.7 Regular School6-814.391%
Mcnicol Middle School6.8 Regular School6-819.092%
River Cities Community Charter School7.3 Regular School6-815.062%
Aspira Eugenio Maria De Hostos Youth Leadership Ch7.4 Regular School6-817.197%
Henry H. Filer Middle School7.7 Regular School6-821.094%
Palm Springs Middle School7.7 Regular School6-816.491%
Miami Lakes Middle School7.7 Regular School6-820.184%
Hollywood Academy Of Arts And Science Middle Schoo8.0 Regular School6-822.454%
Miami Springs Middle School8.1 Regular School6-821.086%
Paragon Academy Of Technology8.2 Regular School6-815.376%
Somerset Preparatory Charter Middle School8.2 Regular School6-819.565%
Florida Intercultural Academy Middle8.4 Regular School6-8--
Apollo Middle School8.6 Regular School6-816.982%
New Renaissance Middle School8.8 Regular School6-819.673%
Country Club Middle School9.0 Regular School6-820.885%
Somerset Academy Middle (miramar Campus)9.0 Regular School6-827.866%
Ramz Academy 6-8 Middle, Miami Campus9.1 Regular School6-825.772%
Mater East Academy Middle School9.1 Regular School6-921.991%
Citrus Grove Middle School9.1 Regular School6-817.195%
Mater Academy Charter Middle9.1 Regular School6-829.380%
Pines Middle School9.1 Regular School6-818.866%
Jose Marti Middle School9.3 Regular School6-813.690%
Driftwood Middle School9.6 Regular School6-818.772%
Olsen Middle School9.8 Regular School6-816.372%
Lawton Chiles Middle School9.9 Regular School6-820.880%
International Studies Charter Middle School9.9 Regular School6-824.063%
Mater Academy Lakes Middle School10.0 Regular School6-827.173%
Attucks Middle School10.0 Regular School6-819.581%
Kinloch Park Middle School10.2 Regular School6-820.293%
Hialeah Gardens Middle School10.3 Regular School6-822.884%
Mater Gardens Academy Middle School10.5 Regular School6-825.665%
Shenandoah Middle School10.5 Regular School6-820.188%
Renaissance Middle Charter School11.4 Regular School6-819.718%
Walter C. Young Middle School11.5 Regular School6-820.743%
Pioneer Middle School11.6 Regular School6-821.925%
Glades Middle School12.4 Regular School6-822.340%
Nova Middle School12.6 Regular School6-817.357%
George Washington Carver Middle School12.9 Regular School6-817.327%
New River Middle School13.0 Regular School6-817.279%
West Miami Middle School13.4 Regular School6-820.088%
Doral Academy Charter Middle School13.9 Regular School6-827.056%
Ponce De Leon Middle School13.9 Regular School6-817.678%
Ruben Dario Middle School13.9 Regular School6-820.787%
Seminole Middle School14.2 Regular School6-819.655%
Pinecrest Academy Middle School (north Campus)14.3 Regular School6-815.080%
City/pembroke Pines Charter Middle School14.5 Regular School6-820.429%
Somerset Academy Charter Middle School South Miami14.9 Regular School6-823.614%
South Miami Middle School14.9 Regular School6-820.149%
Rockway Middle School14.9 Regular School6-820.380%
Indian Ridge Middle School15.3 Regular School6-820.533%
Silver Trail Middle School15.5 Regular School6-820.023%
Paul W. Bell Middle School15.6 Regular School6-817.490%
Plantation Middle School16.6 Regular School6-820.564%
Glades Middle School16.7 Regular School6-819.967%
Somerset Academy Middle School17.0 Regular School6-825.338%
Arthur Robert Ashe, Junior Middle School17.2 Regular School6-818.892%
Sunrise Middle School17.2 Regular School6-818.167%
Doral Middle School17.2 Regular School6-821.765%
Falcon Cove Middle School17.3 Regular School6-821.812%
Lauderhill Middle School17.3 Regular School6-817.688%
W. R. Thomas Middle School17.5 Regular School6-818.876%
William Dandy Middle School17.6 Regular School6-816.787%
Bair Middle School18.1 Regular School6-818.768%
Smart School Charter Middle18.2 Regular School6-819.588%
Somerset Academy Village Charter Middle School18.2 Regular School6-821.379%
Lauderdale Lakes Middle School18.9 Regular School6-817.485%
Palmetto Middle School19.0 Regular School6-820.531%
Howard D. Mcmillan Middle School19.0 Regular School6-816.982%
Archimedean Middle Conservatory19.0 Regular School6-813.647%
Pinecrest Academy Charter Middle School19.2 Regular School6-829.537%
Tequesta Trace Middle School19.2 Regular School6-822.326%
Zelda Glazer Middle School19.2 Regular School6-819.471%
Westpine Middle School20.6 Regular School6-819.663%
Lamar Louise Curry Middle School20.7 Regular School6-820.568%
James S. Rickards Middle School21.0 Regular School6-818.578%
Arvida Middle School21.1 Regular School6-822.051%
Millennium Middle School21.2 Regular School6-819.168%
Southwood Middle School21.3 Regular School6-819.547%
North Broward Academy Of Excellence Middle School21.3 Regular School6-8345.071%
Imagine At N Lauderdale Middle School21.4 Regular School6-819.596%
Richmond Heights Middle School21.6 Regular School6-816.882%
Silver Lakes Middle School21.8 Regular School6-812.985%
Touchdowns4life22.3 Regular School6-817.561%
Hammocks Middle School22.4 Regular School6-820.771%
Margate Middle School23.3 Regular School6-818.174%
Eagles Nest Middle Charter School23.4 Regular School6-812.578%
Ramblewood Middle School23.5 Regular School6-821.556%
Pompano Beach Middle School23.6 Regular School6-818.474%
Cutler Ridge Middle School24.0 Regular School6-814.489%
Centennial Middle School24.5 Regular School6-816.285%
Jorge Mas Canosa Middle School24.7 Regular School6-820.176%

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