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Compare Pinecrest Academy (north Campus) with Nearby Elementary Schools

Compare Pinecrest Academy (north Campus) with

Nearby Elementary Schools
Elementary Schools in same district (Dade)
Elementary Schools in Miami FL

Elementary Schools near Pinecrest Academy (north Campus)

School Name Distance
Type Grades Student
Free &
Sweetwater Elementary School0.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.294%
E.w.f. Stirrup Elementary School0.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.580%
Coral Park Elementary School1.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.869%
Dr. Carlos J. Finlay Elementary1.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.186%
Renaissance Elementary Charter School1.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-521.315%
Marjory Stoneman Douglas Elem1.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.877%
Charles R Hadley Elementary School1.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.582%
Doral Academy1.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-521.510%
Rockway Elementary School1.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.474%
Everglades K-8 Center2.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-813.770%
Doral Academy Of Technology2.3 Regular SchoolKG-821.842%
Seminole Elementary School2.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.988%
Wesley Matthews Elementary School2.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.973%
Olympia Heights Elementary School2.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.989%
Banyan Elementary School2.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.181%
Pinecrest Cove Academy2.7 Regular SchoolKG-817.359%
Flagami Elementary School2.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.087%
Royal Palm Elementary School2.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.688%
Village Green Elementary School2.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.666%
Tropical Elementary School3.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-58.178%
Emerson Elementary School3.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.380%
Greenglade Elementary School3.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.569%
Zora Neale Hurston Elementary School3.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.676%
Joe Hall Elementary School3.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.168%
John I. Smith K-8 Center3.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-814.940%
Blue Lakes Elementary School3.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-59.860%
Bridgepoint Academy3.7 Regular SchoolKG-515.033%
Cypress Elementary School3.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.678%
Prek Intervention3.7 Special Education SchoolPre-KG-Pre-KG-40%
Coral Terrace Elementary School3.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.291%
Bridgepoint Academy Of Village Green4.1 Regular SchoolKG-818.441%
Snapper Creek Elementary School4.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.357%
Royal Green Elementary School4.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.186%
Fairlawn Elementary School4.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.686%
Eugenia B. Thomas K-8 Center4.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-817.138%
Sylvania Heights Elementary School4.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.974%
Bent Tree Elementary School4.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-511.979%
Pinecrest Preparatory Academy4.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.242%
Academir Charter School West5.0 Regular SchoolKG-517.959%
Henry M. Flagler Elementary School5.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.787%
South Miami K-8 Center5.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-813.860%
Archimedean Academy5.1 Regular SchoolKG-516.946%
Ethel Koger Beckham Elementary5.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.675%
Sunset Park Elementary School5.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.673%
David Fairchild Elementary School5.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.140%
Springview Elementary School5.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.157%
Winston Park K-8 Center5.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-816.070%
Dr. Rolando Espinosa K-8 Center5.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-816.735%
Jane S. Roberts K-8 Center5.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-815.055%
Ludlam Elementary School6.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.959%
Kinloch Park Elementary School6.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.991%
Miami Springs Elementary School6.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.772%
Kendale Elementary School6.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.949%
Isaac: Integrated Science And Asian Culture Academ6.2 Regular SchoolKG-813.011%
Somerset Academy Elementary School South Miami Cam6.2 Regular SchoolKG-520.712%
Academy For International Education Charter School6.2 Regular SchoolKG-811.854%
Somerset Grace Academy6.2 Regular SchoolKG-88.3-
Primary Learning Center A6.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-Pre-KG--
Kenwood K-8 Center6.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-814.548%
Advantage Academy Santa Fe6.3 Regular SchoolKG-516.320%
Henry S. West Laboratory School6.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-612.514%
James H. Bright Elementary/j.w. Johnson Elementary6.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.796%
Excelsior Language Academy Of Hialeah6.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-820.889%
Kendale Lakes Elementary School6.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.273%
Coral Gables Preparatory Academy6.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-815.135%
South Hialeah Elementary School6.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.892%
Doolin/ashe Academy K-86.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-826.981%
Dr. Manuel C. Barreiro Elementary School6.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.061%
Mater Academy6.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-517.477%
Sunset Elementary School6.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.714%
Calusa Elementary School7.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.750%
Oxford Academy Of Miami7.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-812.228%
Auburndale Elementary School7.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.288%
Hialeah Elementary School7.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.892%
Mae M. Walters Elementary School7.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.991%
Frances S. Tucker Elementary School7.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.891%
George W. Carver Elementary School7.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.770%
William H. Lehman Elementary School7.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.553%
Devon Aire K-8 Center7.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-815.350%
Pinecrest Academy (south Campus)7.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-520.856%
Ben Gamla Charter School Miami Beach7.2 Regular SchoolKG-811.425%
Primary Learning Center D7.4 Regular SchoolKG-KG--
Kensington Park Elementary School7.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-511.990%
Mater Brickell Preparatory Academy7.5 Regular SchoolKG-819.042%
Mater Grove Academy7.5 Regular SchoolKG-821.262%
Meadowlane Elementary School7.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.090%
Vineland K-8 Center7.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-815.537%
Ben Sheppard Elementary School7.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.591%
Dante B. Fascell Elementary School7.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.383%
Oliver Hoover Elementary School7.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.469%
Claude Pepper Elementary School7.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.467%
Ramz Academy K-5 Miami Campus7.7 Regular SchoolKG-515.979%
Melrose Elementary School7.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.794%
Youth Co-op Charter School7.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-815.485%
West Hialeah Gardens Elementary School7.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.685%
Coconut Grove Elementary School7.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.655%
Lorah Park Elementary School7.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.795%
Leewood K-8 Center8.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-816.327%
Pinecrest Elementary School8.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.617%
Marcus A. Milam K-8 Center8.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-815.588%
Silver Bluff Elementary School8.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.680%
Gloria Floyd Elementary School8.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.665%
John G. Dupuis Elementary School8.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.683%
Citrus Grove Elementary School8.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.395%
Flamingo Elementary School8.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.890%
Ernest R. Graham K-8 Center8.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-814.684%
Shenandoah Elementary School8.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.594%
Palmetto Elementary School8.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.626%
Hialeah Gardens Elementary School8.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.179%
Primary Learning Center B8.5 Regular SchoolKG-KG--
North Hialeah Elementary School8.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.884%
Teenage Parent Program8.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-Pre-KG-34%
Earlington Heights Elementary School8.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.098%
Comstock Elementary School8.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.899%
Maya Angelou Elementary School8.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.797%
Broadmoor Elementary School8.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.896%
Palm Lakes Elementary School8.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.488%
Kelsey L. Pharr Elementary School8.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.790%
Christina M. Eve Elementary School8.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.050%
Twin Lakes Elementary School8.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.787%
Olinda Elementary School9.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-511.395%
Lincoln-marti Charter Schools Hialeah Campus9.0 Regular SchoolKG-815.241%
Early Beginnings Academy Civic Center9.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-111.845%
Coral Way K-8 Center9.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-815.372%
Howard Drive Elementary School9.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.236%
Dr. Gilbert L. Porter Elementary School9.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.063%
Poinciana Park Elementary School9.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.296%
Riverside Elementary Community School9.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.297%
Frank Crawford Martin K-8 Center9.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-815.946%
Palm Springs Elementary School9.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.292%
North Twin Lakes Elementary School9.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.892%
Lincoln-marti Charter School Little Havana Campus9.4 Regular SchoolKG-815.369%
Amelia Earhart Elementary School9.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-58.692%
Charles R Drew Elementary School9.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.695%
Dr. Henry W. Mack/west Little River K-8 Center9.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-814.195%
Santa Clara Elementary School9.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.298%
Liberty City Elementary School9.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-524.898%
Lenora Braynon Smith Elementary9.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.197%
Orchard Villa Elementary School9.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.997%
Ada Merritt K-8 Center9.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-815.932%
Holmes Elementary School9.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.897%
Lillie C. Evans K-8 Center9.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-815.797%
Mater Academy Of International Studies9.8 Regular SchoolKG-520.189%
Miami Lakes K-8 Center9.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-816.549%
Coral Reef Elementary School9.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.735%
Mater Academy East Charter9.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-518.877%
Paul Laurence Dunbar Elementary School10.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.385%
Theodore R. And Thelma A. Gibson Charter School10.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-817.886%
Frederick R. Douglass Elementary10.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.093%
Downtown Miami Charter School10.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-615.592%
Eneida M. Hartner Elementary School10.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.094%
Colonial Drive Elementary School10.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.787%
Martin Luther King Elementary School10.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-20.5-
Phyllis Wheatley Elementary School10.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.098%
Early Childhood Education10.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-Pre-KG--
Southside Elementary School10.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.369%
Bob Graham Education Center10.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-816.450%
Miami Park Elementary School10.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.295%
Jack David Gordon Elementary School10.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.360%
Thena Crowder Elementary School10.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-316.794%
Bridgepoint Academy Of Greater Miami10.7 Regular SchoolKG-513.731%
Perrine Elementary School10.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.068%
Pine Lake Elementary School10.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.688%
Arcola Lake Elementary School10.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.996%
Shadowlawn Elementary School10.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.895%
Edison Park Elementary School10.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-511.596%
Ethel F. Beckford/richmond Elementary School10.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.796%
Primary Learning Center10.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-215.538%
Henry E.s. Reeves Elementary School10.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.692%
Norma Butler Bossard Elementary School11.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.859%
Jesse J. Mccrary, Jr. Elementary School11.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.993%
Toussaint L'ouverture Elementary11.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.092%
Florida International Elementary Academy11.4 Regular SchoolKG-517.395%
Van E. Blanton Elementary School11.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.197%
Miami Heights Elementary School11.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.187%
Robert Russa Moton Elementary School11.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.394%
Mater Gardens Academy11.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-520.251%
Palm Springs North Elementary School11.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.369%
Carrie P. Meek/westview K-8 Center11.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-813.495%
Miami Children's Museum Charter School11.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.947%
Lakeview Elementary School11.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.394%
Dr. Robert B. Ingram/opa-locka Elementary School11.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.898%
Advanced Learning Charter School11.8 Regular SchoolKG-518.478%
Morningside Elementary School11.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.091%
Nathan B. Young Elementary School12.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.595%
Balere Language Academy12.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-810.152%
Somerset Academy Charter12.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.051%
Benjamin Franklin K-8 Center12.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-813.893%
North Glade Elementary School12.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.289%
Whispering Pines Elementary School12.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.554%
South Miami Heights Elementary12.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.092%
Bel-aire Elementary School12.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.594%
Hubert O. Sibley K-8 Center12.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-815.191%
Spanish Lake Elementary School12.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.973%
Joella Good Elementary School12.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-517.079%
Carol City Elementary School12.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.889%
Phyllis R. Miller Elementary School12.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.286%
Lake Stevens Elementary School12.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.691%
Rainbow Park Elementary School12.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.696%
Golden Glades Elementary School12.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.696%
Miami Shores Elementary School13.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.873%
Bunche Park Elementary School13.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-510.295%
Gratigny Elementary School13.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-612.995%
Cutler Ridge Elementary School13.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.065%
N Dade Center For Modern Language13.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.073%
Caribbean Elementary School13.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.194%
Key Biscayne K-8 Center13.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-816.38%
Charles David Wyche, Jr Elementary School13.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.187%
Myrtle Grove Elementary School13.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.595%
Coral Cove Elementary School13.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.948%
Somerset Academy Elementary (miramar Campus)13.5 Regular SchoolKG-518.662%
Miami Gardens Elementary School13.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.693%
Gulfstream Elementary School13.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-58.382%
Richard Allen Leadership Academy13.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-517.540%
Biscayne Gardens Elementary13.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.391%
Barbara Hawkins Elementary School13.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-518.493%
South Pointe Elementary School13.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.050%
Excelsior Charter Academy13.9 Regular SchoolKG-822.693%
Coral Reef Montessori Academy Charter13.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-816.633%
Parkview Elementary School14.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.792%
Linda Lentin K-8 Center14.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-816.992%
Brentwood Elementary School14.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-517.394%
Dr. Edward L. Whigham Elementary School14.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.781%
Pine Villa Elementary School14.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.497%
Archcreek Elementary School14.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.793%
Fienberg/fisher K-8 Center14.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-813.084%
Skyway Elementary School14.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.288%
Treasure Island Elementary School14.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.482%
Scott Lake Elementary School14.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.883%
Crestview Elementary School14.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.087%
Dolphin Bay Elementary School14.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-518.341%
W. J. Bryan Elementary14.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.093%
North Miami Elementary School14.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.596%
North Beach Elementary School14.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.229%
Parkway Elementary School14.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.394%
North County K-8 Center15.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-813.096%
Sunset Lakes Elementary School15.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-517.029%
Somerset Academy At Silver Palms15.1 Regular SchoolKG-815.481%
Silver Lakes Elementary School15.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.138%
Somerset Academy (silver Palms)15.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-828.680%
Coconut Palm Elementary School15.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.048%
Oak Grove Elementary School15.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-615.494%
Goulds Elementary School15.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.593%
Norwood Elementary School15.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-59.986%
Natural Bridge Elementary School15.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.291%
Silver Shores Elementary School15.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.836%
Norland Elementary School15.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.686%
Summerville Advantage Academy15.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-818.341%
Gertrude K. Edleman/sabal Palm Elementary School15.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.089%
Advantage Academy Of Math And Science At Summervil15.8 Regular SchoolKG-810.931%

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