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Compare Bells Ferry Elementary School with Nearby Elementary Schools

Compare Bells Ferry Elementary School with

Nearby Elementary Schools
Elementary Schools in same district (Cobb County)
Elementary Schools in Marietta GA

Elementary Schools near Bells Ferry Elementary School

School Name Distance
Type Grades Student
Free &
Bells Ferry Elementary School0.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.543%
Blackwell Elementary School1.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.842%
Chalker Elementary School2.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.431%
Sawyer Road Elementary2.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.272%
Kincaid Elementary School2.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.621%
Kennesaw Charter School2.7 Regular SchoolKG-613.123%
Big Shanty Elementary School2.9 Regular School3-514.637%
Addison Elementary School3.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.733%
Lockheed Elementary School3.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.476%
Nicholson Elementary School3.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.443%
West Side Elementary School4.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.829%
Pitner Elementary School4.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.346%
Keheley Elementary School4.3 Regular SchoolKG-512.431%
Rocky Mount Elementary School4.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.214%
Park Street Elementary School4.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.091%
Kennesaw Elem School4.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-213.139%
Murdock Elementary School4.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.510%
Marietta Center For Advanced Academics5.0 Regular School3-517.533%
Mountain View Elementary School5.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.412%
Hayes Elementary School5.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.558%
Baker Elementary School5.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.339%
Burruss Elementary School5.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.753%
Hickory Hills Elementary School5.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.180%
Davis Elementary School5.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.712%
Carmel Elementary School5.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-518.538%
Powers Ferry Elementary School5.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-510.491%
Sedalia Park Elementary School5.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.158%
Shallowford Falls Elementary School6.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.99%
Eastvalley Elementary School6.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.233%
Woodstock Elementary School6.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.549%
Bullard Elementary School6.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.421%
Oak Grove Elementary School6.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-417.645%
Acworth Intermediate School6.7 Regular School2-512.661%
Dunleith Elementary School6.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.479%
Fair Oaks Elementary School6.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-511.396%
East Side Elementary School6.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.67%
Garrison Mill Elementary School6.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.69%
Lewis Elementary School7.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.538%
Tritt Elementary School7.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.84%
Due West Elementary School7.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.815%
Green Acres Elementary School7.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.397%
Little River Elem.7.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.725%
Cheatham Hill Elementary School7.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.936%
Sope Creek Elementary School7.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.76%
Mount Bethel Elementary School7.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.82%
International Academy Of Smyrna7.9 Regular SchoolKG-813.836%
Brumby Elementary School8.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.578%
Bascomb Elementary School8.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-416.910%
Labelle Elementary School8.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-59.492%
Timber Ridge Elementary School8.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.54%
Boston Elementary School8.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-415.759%
Mccall Primary School8.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-111.157%
Milford Elementary School8.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-511.193%
Belmont Hills Elementary School8.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-59.198%
Johnston Elementary School8.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.334%
Still Elementary School8.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-511.226%
Frey Elementary School8.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.718%
Arnold Mill Elementary School9.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-517.325%
Mountain Park Elementary School9.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.46%
Dowell Elementary School9.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.766%
Norton Park Elementary School9.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.890%
Birney Elementary School9.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-511.382%
Brown Elementary School9.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-59.668%
Argyle Elementary School9.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-511.888%
Hollydale Elementary School9.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-511.980%
Heards Ferry Elementary School9.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.75%
Ford Elementary School10.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.68%
Cherokee Charter Academy10.1 Regular SchoolKG-715.216%
Roswell North Elementary School10.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.930%
Allatoona Elementary School10.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.277%
Spalding Drive Elementary10.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.740%
Kemp Elementary School10.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.117%
Vaughan Elementary School10.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.613%
Russell Elementary School10.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-511.670%
Pickett's Mill Elementary10.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.716%
Sixes Elementary School10.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.410%
Teasley Elementary School11.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.638%
King Springs Elementary School11.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.837%
Sweet Apple Elementary School11.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.34%
Ison Springs Elementary School11.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.774%
Lake Forest Elementary11.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.599%
Roland W. Russom Elementary11.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.627%
Holly Springs Elementary School11.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-617.042%
Mountain Road Elementary School11.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-617.014%
Varner Elementary School11.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.139%
Woodland Elementary School11.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.458%
Sanders Elementary School11.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.582%
Nickajack Elementary School12.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.339%
Dunwoody Springs Elementary School12.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.273%
Jackson Elementary School12.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.67%
Liberty Elementary School12.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-519.622%
Mimosa Elementary School12.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.190%
Hembree Springs Elementary School12.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.736%
Compton Elementary School12.5 Regular SchoolKG-59.988%
Austin Elementary School12.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-517.03%
Hickory Flat Elementary School12.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-615.013%
High Point Elementary School13.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.962%
Floyd L. Shelton Elementary School At Crossroad13.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-517.315%
Jackson Elementary School13.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.964%
Clarkdale Elementary School13.2 Regular SchoolKG-510.874%
Crabapple Crossing Elementary School13.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.02%
Mableton Elementary School13.2 Regular SchoolKG-512.764%
Amana Academy School13.3 Regular SchoolKG-812.921%
Powder Springs Elementary School13.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.767%
River Eves Elementary School13.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.041%
Fulton Sunshine Charter Elementary13.7 Regular SchoolKG-518.68%
Indian Knoll Elementary13.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-617.630%
C. A. Roberts Elementary School13.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.339%
Northwood Elementary School13.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.626%
J. Knox Elementary14.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-617.626%
Harmony-leland Elementary School14.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.562%
Sky View Elementary School14.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-511.288%
Emerson Elementary School14.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.575%
Vanderlyn Elementary School14.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.31%
Montgomery Elementary School14.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.510%
Hillside Elementary School14.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.952%
Dunwoody Elementary School14.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.811%
Clay Elementary School14.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-510.794%
Mcgarity Elementary School14.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.342%
Austell Primary School14.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-111.970%
Bolton Academy14.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.077%
Smith Elementary School14.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.213%
Wc Abney Elementary14.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-517.338%
Birmingham Falls Elementary School14.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.92%
Alpharetta Elementary School14.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.322%
Brandon Elementary School14.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.513%
Austell Intermediate School14.9 Regular School2-513.974%
Summit Hill Elementary15.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.95%
Kingsley Elementary School15.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.944%
Hiram Elementary School15.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.857%
Scott Elementary School15.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.391%
Burnt Hickory Elementary School15.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.922%
Imagine International Academy Of Mableton15.5 Regular SchoolKG-819.675%
Bryant Elementary School15.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.389%
Riverside Intermediate School15.6 Regular School2-516.294%
Chesnut Elementary School15.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.443%
Manning Oaks Elementary School15.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.436%
Canton Elementary15.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-613.486%
Riverside Primary School15.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-112.292%
Huntley Hills Elementary School15.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-511.764%
Garden Hills Elementary School15.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.978%
New Prospect Elementary School15.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.013%
William G. Hasty- Sr. Elementary School16.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-614.478%
Ashford Park Elementary School16.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.244%
Rivers Elementary School16.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.442%
Annette Winn Elementary School16.3 Regular SchoolKG-512.185%
Avery Elementary School16.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-518.820%
Cogburn Woods Elementary School16.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.512%
Sam D. Panter Elementary School16.5 Regular SchoolKG-516.053%
Hightower Elementary School16.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.695%
Towns Elementary School16.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.193%
Boyd Elementary School16.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.195%
Woodward Elementary School17.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.095%
Bazoline E. Usher/collier Heights Elmentary School17.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.795%
Barnwell Elementary School17.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.810%
Lithia Springs Elementary School17.1 Regular SchoolKG-511.979%
Bessie L. Baggett Elementary17.2 Regular SchoolKG-514.754%
Montclair Elementary School17.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.796%
Atlanta Heights Charter Commission School17.6 Regular SchoolKG-620.492%
Dallas Elementary School17.7 Regular SchoolKG-513.976%
Cartersville Elementary School17.8 Regular School3-516.360%
Dresden Elementary School17.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.298%
Woodson Elementary School17.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.397%
Cartersville Primary School17.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-212.963%
Grove Park Elementary School17.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-511.799%
Cary Reynolds Elementary School17.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.996%
Miles Elementary School18.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.595%
Creek View Elementary School18.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-517.315%
Northside Elementary School18.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.049%
Fain Elementary School18.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.299%
Dolvin Elementary School18.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.312%
Adamsville Elementary School18.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-517.195%
White Elementary School18.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-511.794%
Peachtree Elementary School18.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.082%
Simpson Elementary School18.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.55%
Ocee Elementary School18.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.316%
Oakcliff Elementary School18.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.193%
University Community Academy18.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-812.794%
Briar Vista Elementary School18.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.959%
Ritch Elementary School18.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.540%
Kindezi18.7 Regular SchoolKG-45.763%
Herndon Elementary18.8 Regular SchoolKG-514.489%
Morningside Elementary School18.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.48%
Susan Stripling Elementary School18.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.093%
Sagamore Hills Elementary School18.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.741%
Peyton Forest Elementary School18.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.094%
Beulah Elementary School18.9 Regular SchoolKG-511.678%
East Lake Elementary School19.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.689%
Hawthorne Elementary School19.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-510.842%
F. L. Stanton Elementary School19.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.498%
Centennial Place Elementary School19.1 Regular SchoolKG-513.368%
Sweetwater Elementary School19.2 Regular SchoolKG-513.877%
Cloverleaf Elementary School19.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.268%
Oak Grove Elementary School19.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.58%
West Manor Elementary School19.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.759%
Bethune Elementary School19.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.196%
New Life Academy Of Excellence19.5 Regular SchoolKG-210.76%
Hal Hutchens Elementary19.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.343%
Macedonia Elementary School19.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-519.914%
Lake Windward Elementary School19.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.27%
Coralwood Education Center19.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-KG9.510%
Atlanta Preparatory Academy19.8 Regular SchoolKG-717.660%
Intown Charter Academy19.8 Regular SchoolKG-720.378%
Pleasantdale Elementary School19.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.094%
M. A. Jones Elementary School19.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.293%
Allgood Elementary School19.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.956%
Henderson Mill Elementary School19.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.460%
Beecher Hills Elementary School19.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.679%
State Bridge Crossing Elementary School20.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.810%
Briarlake Elementary School20.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.426%
Norcross Elementary School20.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.190%
Evansdale Elementary School20.2 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.540%
Springdale Park Elementary School20.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.915%
Abbotts Hill Elementary School20.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-517.214%
Hope Elementary School20.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.188%
Medlock Bridge Elementary School20.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.513%
Midway Elementary School20.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.443%
Mount Carmel Elementary School20.5 Regular SchoolKG-515.860%
Connally Elementary School20.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.294%
Lin Elementary School20.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.214%
Dunbar Elementary School20.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.494%
Nebo Elementary School20.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.037%
Eastside Elementary School20.8 Regular SchoolKG-514.284%
Laurel Ridge Elementary School20.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.746%
Burnett Elementary School20.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-511.586%
Berkeley Lake Elementary School20.8 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.859%
Cook Elementary School20.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.397%
Wilson Creek Elementary School21.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.811%
Findley Oaks Elementary School21.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.17%
Midvale Elementary School21.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.054%
Factory Shoals Elementary School21.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.969%
Fernbank Elementary School21.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-516.59%
Cascade Elementary School21.1 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.393%
Gideons Elementary School21.3 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.598%
Free Home Elementary School21.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-518.133%
Livsey Elementary School21.4 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.227%
Randolph Elementary School21.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.868%
Finch Elementary21.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-513.398%
Brookwood Elementary21.5 Regular SchoolPre-KG-518.24%
Venetian Hills Elementary School21.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-515.193%
Mission Road Elementary School21.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.058%
New Life Academy Of Excellence Duluth21.6 Regular SchoolKG-751.13%
Whitefoord Elementary School21.6 Regular SchoolKG-512.998%
Vickery Creek Elementary School21.6 Regular SchoolPre-KG-518.98%
Clairemont Elementary School21.6 Regular SchoolKG-312.018%
Neighborhood Charter School21.7 Regular SchoolKG-511.913%
Rockbridge Elementary School21.7 Regular SchoolPre-KG-512.496%
Kimberly Elementary School21.9 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.292%
Mclendon Elementary School22.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.189%
White Elementary School22.0 Regular SchoolPre-KG-514.758%

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