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Compare Avon Middle School South with Nearby Middle Schools

Compare Avon Middle School South with

Nearby Middle Schools
Middle Schools in same district (Avon Community School Corp)
Middle Schools in Avon IN

Middle Schools near Avon Middle School South

School Name Distance
Type Grades Student
Free &
Avon Middle School South0.0 Regular School7-821.925%
Avon Intermediate School East0.5 Regular School5-622.921%
Avon Intermediate School West0.5 Regular School5-621.927%
Avon Middle School North1.5 Regular School7-820.424%
Brownsburg West Middle School4.2 Regular School6-815.428%
Plainfield Com Middle Sch4.4 Regular School6-819.329%
Brownsburg East Middle School4.5 Regular School6-817.221%
Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center5.7 Regular School7-814.269%
Danville Middle School7.8 Regular School4-818.927%
Speedway Junior High School8.0 Regular School7-810.550%
Northwest Community Jr High School8.2 Regular School7-810.0-
Decatur Middle Sch8.2 Regular School7-816.163%
Lynhurst 7th & 8th Grade Center8.3 Regular School7-813.179%
Paul Hadley Middle Sch9.8 Regular School7-820.033%
George Washington Comm Jr Hs10.4 Regular School7-85.7-
Guion Creek Middle School10.4 Regular School6-819.273%
Cascade Middle School10.9 Regular School6-815.034%
Tri-west Middle School11.1 Regular School6-816.819%
Lincoln Middle School11.2 Regular School6-818.374%
Key Learning Community Jr High Sch11.6 Regular School7-86.4-
Crispus Attucks Med Mgnt Jr Hs12.0 Regular School6-816.4-
New Augusta Public Academy-north12.0 Regular School6-819.642%
Shortridge Law & Pub Pol Mag Jr Hs13.2 Regular School6-811.6-
Monrovia Middle School13.5 Regular School6-8-41.230%
H L Harshman Middle School13.9 Regular School7-811.489%
Emma Donnan Middle School14.0 Regular School7-8-87%
Westlane Middle School14.1 Regular School6-817.557%
Zionsville West Middle School14.1 Regular School5-820.88%
Center Grove Middle School North14.4 Regular School6-819.820%
Perry Meridian Middle School14.5 Regular School7-819.149%
Kipp Indpls College Preparatory14.5 Regular School5-815.795%
Perry Meridian 6th Grade Academy14.6 Regular School6-618.053%
Zionsville Middle School15.1 Regular School5-820.83%
Southport Middle School15.6 Regular School7-818.361%
Southport 6th Grade Academy15.6 Regular School6-6-59.068%
Broad Ripple Mgnt Hs - Prfm Arts15.6 Regular School6-811.0-
Beech Grove Middle School16.1 Regular School7-817.665%
Center Grove Middle Schl Central16.5 Regular School6-817.315%
South Grove Intermediate School16.5 Regular School4-621.269%
Creekside Middle School17.1 Regular School6-818.89%
Northview Middle School17.3 Regular School6-816.866%
Eastwood Middle School17.7 Regular School6-815.645%
Greenwood Middle School18.5 Regular School6-820.145%
Carmel Middle School20.0 Regular School6-818.07%
Franklin Township Middle Sch West20.1 Regular School6-818.538%
Belzer Middle School20.1 Regular School7-819.359%
Raymond Park Intermediate20.1 Regular School5-619.169%
Raymond Park Middle School20.2 Regular School7-815.368%
Clark Pleasant Intermediate Sch20.7 Regular School5-622.445%
Lebanon Middle School21.2 Regular School6-819.743%
North Putnam Middle Sch21.7 Regular School6-815.943%
Clark Pleasant Middle Sch21.7 Regular School7-822.744%
Riverside Jr High21.8 Regular School7-817.615%
Riverside Intermediate School21.9 Regular School5-619.014%
John Marshall Community Jr Hs22.0 Regular School7-85.9-
Clay Middle School22.1 Regular School6-818.710%
Creston Middle School22.4 Regular School7-816.865%
Creston Intermediate Academy22.5 Regular School5-621.568%
Fall Creek Valley Middle Sch22.5 Regular School6-818.852%
Franklin Township Middle Schl East22.7 Regular School6-820.536%
Stonybrook Middle School22.9 Regular School7-818.871%
Stonybrook Intermediate Academy23.0 Regular School5-620.174%
Martinsville East Middle Sch23.3 Regular School6-818.343%
Martinsville West Middle Sch23.6 Regular School6-815.962%
Westfield Middle School24.0 Regular School7-819.515%
Westfield Intermediate School24.0 Regular School5-619.019%

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